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One couple who enjoyed the Lane Bryant Fashion Show at Planet Hollywood on February 20th were the team of Sean Shuemate and Naomi Pitre, who published a book in October 2010 called “Size 3?! Not For Me!” – How to love your body and yourself unconditionally. For years Sean has worked in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer catering to men and women who didn’t feel comfortable working out in a gym. In Atlanta he started servicing clients utilizing a mobile physical training facility and now he and Naomi have relocated to Las Vegas. “The reason why we wrote the book was we really wanted to write a women’s empowerment book that would let people know that not every skinny person is healthy and not every healthy person is skinny. There are so many stereotypes out here in Las Vegas that we wanted to tackle, so we moved out here and the reception has been great,” Naomi explained

Sean chimed in “We’re completely mobile. We pretty much bring the health and fitness industry to you. Basically, I’ve worked in the gyms for years and what I’ve found out over the years is that there are a lot of men and women out there who want to be in the greatest shape of their lives, but they don’t want to be in a gym for whatever the reason.

Naomi Pitre and Sean Shuemate

The couple primarily does training right in their clients’ homes bringing their equipment, which includes a kickboxing bag, a speed bag and a yoga ball. “All they have to do is wear comfortable clothes and be right there in their living room. He trains them and I work out next to them as a work out partner, so they can be motivated to see somebody who looks just like them working out right next to them doing the exercises. That encourages them and motivates them, so we do that and then we also do the motivational workshops and seminars,” Naomi added

Although not all of their clients are the same. “It’s a mixture, but we cater to plus size women. That’s the whole meaning behind the book,” Sean said. “As a trainer people assume looking at me that the ideal female for me would be like a size three slim and buff cookie cutter model type, but I’m actually attracted to a nice curvaceous type female just like my wife here,” he added. He like the idea of letting women know that the can embrace their feminine curves and still be healthy and added that they pride themselves on helping people prevent diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and hypertension by practicing their workout routines

Naomi said that a lot of people don’t event want to hire a personal trainer to come to the house because they think the trainer might look at them strange or laugh at them, so she believes that the dynamic she and Sean provide by presenting themselves as a couple allows the clients to understand the relationship they have and be more comfortable working out. “We understand them and we want to motivate them. We’re not trying to get anybody skinny. We’re trying to get them healthy, so let’s build your endurance, let’s build your stamina, let’s build your strength,” Naomi emphasized. The book “Size 3?! Not For Me!” is currently available at Barnes and Noble, on Amazon and can also be ordered from Sean’s website with more distribution channels expected to be added soon.

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