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Furniture, Home Décor Fill Las Vegas Market 2012 at World Market Center

There’s more to furniture than just a dining room set or a sofa/ loveseat combo.  The Las Vegas Market (held twice a year) features virtually every aspect of home décor, from floor to ceiling, the front and back yard, bathrooms bedroom and even car bling.


Furniture Mecca

Since there are three multi-level buildings and several quarter-mile pavilions to traverse, each containing hundreds of thousands of furniture and design pieces, your humble correspondent scaled the heights and depths of the place to come up with some unusual items that might qualify as Feng Shui contributions in any domicile.

IntelliBED Gel Bed

Its innards look like a hard, blue honeycomb – until you touch them and realize that you could be sleeping on the same comfortable gel that Dr. Scholl insoles are made from.  This is the very same material that hospitals use to prevent bedsores as well.  Touching it is like joining a conspiracy to never leave the enhanced comfort of your bed.  There’s even a crib mattress to induce the little one to sleep through the night.  Made from organic, non-toxic materials, the IntelliBED Gel Bed lasts up to three times longer than memory foam, latex, and pillow-top mattresses.


Even the Gel gets to Relax

Newco Juvenile and Pet Furniture

There’s big money in little furniture.  Newco’s line of juvenile chairs, ottomans and luxurious pet beds not only look good, but bring a style and comfort with them.  Sports, cartoons and pop culture motifs adorn the chairs.  Fancy fabrics and regal patterns hold a pampered pooch or feline in elegance – that line is aptly called Spoiled Rotten.

W.C. Fields may have shied away from children and animals in front of the camera, but Newco’s ready for this demographic to kick back and relax in style.  It’s their products that steal the scene here.


A Chair for any Pint-Sized Passion
Several Sizes of Small
It's a Dog's (and Cat's) Life

Acrylicore by Shahrooz

Yes!  Furniture and home décor can be made from acrylic and look stunning, with all of the luster and color of more traditional (and more expensive) materials.  One look into the Acrylicore showroom presents you with a show-stopping view of the medium.  Designs are sleek, colorful and seemingly made of fashionable ice in an array of colors. Acrylic not only complements contemporary furniture style but its translucent nature creates an open and spacious feeling that is seldom achieved with opaque materials such as wood, metal, or fabric.


Plastic Makes Perfect

D & W Silks

Décor is much more than just a matching sofa and loveseat.  Flowers and plants add to the ambiance of a space with color and oasis-like capabilities.  D&W Silks features the look of a green thumb without the need for soil, water or sun.  The harvest is always perfect with their varied assortments of foliage and flora.

The quality is amazing and the displays last for years with minimal maintenance.  Trade in that watering can for a feather duster and think of it as another way to go green.


No Water, No Problem
Silken Succulents

Eangee Home Design

Eangee (pronounced E and G) Home Design products highlight renewable materials. Their lamps feature banyan leaves, cocoa leaves, abaca rope, nito vine, durian fruit fiber, and found wood.  Bright colors literally highlight the leaves in tranquil or whimsical patterns, always showcasing the natural beauty of their shape.   It’s no surprise that the company is a registered member in good standing with the sustainable furniture council.



Banyan Leaves
Cocoa Leaves

PolArt Outdoor Furniture

Put some pizzazz in your patio with PolArt Outdoor Furniture.  Unique and innovative with its bright, Candy Land colors and classical designs, all PolArt products are steel-frame structure reinforced for strength and durability.  Special resin is molded onto the steel to reduce internal damage and wear and tear on foam and covers.  The products are designed to last a long time and are extremely durable.  There are no pastels here.  With colors this bright, you may need shades to go outside – even on cloudy days.


Patio Panache
Outdoor Space Travel

The Las Vegas Market will host its summer exhibition from July 30 – August 3, giving attendees another chance to take in its miles of bedding, lighting and seating.  Trade magazines with names like Rug News, Bed Times, Furniture Today and enlightenment fill display racks of the ever-expanding, ever-popular tradeshow for home décor.

Sofa –so good.


Box O' Decor

About Las Vegas Market
The Las Vegas Market debuted at World Market Center in 2005.  It provided a world-class home furnishings trade event and featured a state-of-the-art venue claiming a record-breaking debut as the largest show launch in U.S. history.  It has quickly become an international home furnishings showcase offering a global selection of diverse and innovative trends in every product category.

Currently, World Market Center is the largest, fastest-growing new home furnishings trade complex in the world. When fully completed, it will have five additional structures of premier exhibit space on 57 acres.  In addition to hosting the semi-annual Las Vegas Market World Market Center is home to Las Vegas Design Center, a series of home and hospitality contract design showrooms located within the campus and open year-round to consumers and the professional design community

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