By Jacqueline Monahan
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Natural Products Marketplace Focuses on Healthy Alternatives for Life

There’s an annual Las Vegas convention that can make an unusual claim:  it’s good for what ails ya.

On June 24-25, from its large hall on the upper floor of the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Natural Products Marketplace and its scores of knowledgeable exhibitors encouraged attendees to try a more natural, holistic approach to treating the body and mind.


The Marketplace offered visitors access to booths, displays, and samples dedicated to alternative treatments, raw or organic products, and most importantly, good health.

With an emphasis on preventive care, vitamin and supplement vendors offered their wares in (often chewable) rainbow colors and gummy textures, capsule, pill and liquid form.  Energy drinks were so plentiful that you didn’t have to run very far to find one, but you just might after drinking one; all that energy has to go somewhere.

The Color of Health

Pain remedies for joints and muscles were presented in the form of creams, supplements, and massage techniques.  Protein bars and even sweet, organic superfood treats like those offered by Kur (a Danish company) could be had for the asking.  Sometimes you didn’t even have to do that.  Vendors, eager to get the word out about their products, literally extended bottles of supplements, bags of air-popped veggie chips, or “green” BPA-free water bottles to visitors who simply walked by or stopped to glance at their booth.

Raw, Organic Kur Delights from Denmark

Juice drinks in algae and wheatgrass (they taste somewhat like cool vegetable soup) filled not so tiny sample cups.  Almond milk, aloe vera and tart cherry juice appealed to those who preferred a sweeter, though decidedly un-sugary beverage.  The promise of antioxidants was like the pot of gold at the end of the product rainbow.  In one hour a visitor could probably take in several weeks’ worth just by sipping several of the offerings.

Berry, Berry Good for You

At this event, everything was literally free, as in gluten-free, sugar-free, or dairy-free.  Vegetarian and hypo-allergenic products could also be found without much effort.  Whatever your health question, whether it be a chronic ailment or preventive advice, there was someone there to answer it definitively.

Help forThose Who Eat and Sleep

The Jay Robb Company featured ted protein powders, weight loss supplements, and physical fitness regimens in promoting a comprehensive lifestyle program.

Protein Power from Jay Robb

There was even a booth run by the intriguingly named Cancer Control Society, which promotes herbal, oxygen, cellular and electro-magnetic therapies in the prevention and control of the deadly disease.  The booth was run by several elderly women who, if they were proponents for this type of treatment, certainly embodied convincing examples of longevity.

Benefits in Bottles

At the other end of the spectrum, infants were the target audience of Miles Outside, a company specializing in dehydrated baby food.  It looks like bags of breadcrumbs and comes in flavors like Apple Harvest and Monkey Meal (banana).  Toy soldiers surround the display – must be because they eat dehydrated food, too.

Dehydrated Baby Food - Not Just For Soldiers Anymore

You are never too young to start, and you can live long enough to enjoy life beyond retirement.  The Natural Products Marketplace and its promotion of good health through awareness is an annual reminder, much like a medical checkup, designed to keep you in tip-top shape.


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