By Bobbie Katz

Odds are that your life could change for the better in a minute by merely a roll of the dice.

The Dice Doc 600
The Dice Doc
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

That’s especially true if you call upon The Dice Doctor, math genius Al K., who brings to the table his one-of-a-kind foolproof method for winning at craps, one that is based on his own proven multilevel mathematical system that he devised and has taught for years to men and women from all walks of life. Besides teaching privately and doing seminars, he is now introducing a webinar that people outside of Las Vegas can subscribe to for free at his website The Dice Doctor takes the gambling out of gambling and throws 50-50 odds in the garbage can while keeping things simple for players. As a result, the chips are never down when he’s around.

“With my method, you don’t need good luck to win,” he advises. “You just need horrific bad luck to lose.”

Describing himself as a unique individual with a unique skill set, The Dice Doctor says that he learned his method from someone else but then he put his own spin on it. He explains that he combines numbers on the craps table and that if there are 24 ways to make a number and six ways to roll a seven then the odds become 4 to 1 on four levels to seven out, something he says statistically happens only about once every 12 hours.

“The only things you need to win with my method are a bankroll, a goal, and discipline insofar as knowing when to leave the table,” he sums up.

In the video interview with Bobbie Katz below, The Dice Doctor gives a sneak peek into the basics of his one-of-a-kind method. He can be contacted through his website,, or at 800-313-1950.

This article appears by courtesy of Vegas Insider


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