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Vinnie Favorito Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary at Flamingo Las Vegas

Boston born comedian Vinnie Favorito celebrated five years of performing at Flamingo Las Vegas on Thursday night, May 27. The evening started off with his scheduled show followed by an after party celebration. Among the VIP guests was comedy magician Mac King, who performs at Harrah's.  

Vinnie Favorito
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn


At his anniversary performance, the packed audience was filled with a great mix of ethnic and racial types and invited members of the media. I mention that because, for those who haven't seen him in action, Vinnie is an insult comic and his material comes straight from interactions with those in the audience. It is all harmless and meant purely for fun, but if you are going to be in view of Vinnie's eye, you can expect being picked on and poked fun at. And, since the audience changes with each show, there are no two shows alike.

After taking the stage and telling a few prepared jokes and humorous anecdotes, the real fun begins as Vinnie takes aim at the audience where no one is safe from his sharp tongue and biting humor. On this particular evening his targets included an elderly couple, Mexicans, African Americans, a guy from South Dakota, a few East Indians, a visitor from Newfoundland, some young women, and even members of the press. Needless to say, Vinnie was hilarious, in top form, and had the crowd continually roaring with laughter.

Vinnie Favorito with Flamingo Showgirls
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Comedy Magician Mac King
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn


After sitting in the audience at several of his shows, I have to say that Vinnie is a master at what he does. His quick wit and a comedy genius has earned him the title as one of the country's top celebrity roasters and in my opinion, one of the funniest comedians alive today.

Vinnie Favorito performs at the Flamingo Las Vegas 8 p.m. daily, 6 p.m. Saturdays.

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