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Lagasse’s Stadium at The Palazzo welcomes NBA Defensive Great Gary Payton

NBA great Gary Payton hosted the 2010 pro basketball tournament inside Lagasse’s Stadium at the Palazzo on the evening of Saturday, April 17. Payton, considered by most to be the best professional defensive player to ever step foot on the court, opened the event with a Q&A session in which he offered his thoughts on the tournament, what teams to watch out for, involvement with charities he supports, and why he calls Las Vegas home


Gary Payton
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Following the Q+A session, Payton and friends relaxed in a luxurious skybox, complete with plush pillows and a large flat screen TV, while watching the NBA tournament. During the entire event excited fans came up to Payton for autographs, photos, and insider information on who he thought would win the tournament. Payton was all smiles as he greeted each guest that approached him with a handshake and engaging conversation.