By Dianne R. Davis
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Photos by Dianne or Burt Davis 


Voices, the new show  in the Las Vegas Hilton’s Shimmer Showroom is just plain entertaining.  Producer Angelo Giordano along with John Stuart, creator of Legends in Concert, have brought together world renown singing  artists Earl Turner and  Lani Misalucha in an energetic showcase of their individual and combined talents. 

Tina Turner?

The evening  includes everything from classical to gospel and enough standards to make me happy.  Lani, voted Best Voice of 2008, has a three octave musical  range.  Her operatic solo earned her a standing ovation.   For fun, she throws in a little Madonna, Tina Turner, and Celine Dion which delight the audience.   

 Earl rocked the room as he told us that “you can be what you want to, All I need is to get my boogie down.” And he does and his audience gets it with him, clapping enthusiastically.  Both displayed great versatility talking us from rock to romance.  This is part concert, part production and it is all about the voices of two extraordinary talents. 

New Orleans loss is Las Vegas gain.  Earl had rooted himself in the Earl Turner Theater at Harrah’s in New Orleans when Katrina destroyed his venue and brought him back to Las Vegas. The six band members with impressive credentials of their own are perfect for what is one of my favorite showrooms, small enough to assure good seats for everyone.  



The tunes are a good mix of standards and a few newer ones. Earl and Lani work well together with just the right amount of amusing banter. Singly or together, the talent is enormous.  And there’s some great footwork there as well.  The evening I saw the show, Earl brought his 21 year old son on stage for a little of his own fancy footwork.  Trust me, the future is bright for Aaron Turner too. 



I had not had the pleasure of seeing either of these performers prior to this show, but they both won me over. You will enjoy a real evening of entertainment for all ages at the Las Vegas Hilton’s Shimmer Showroom nightly except Sundays.  The 7:00 p.m. show is $49.95 plus tax and fees.  For $79.95 plus tax and fees enjoy the show and dinner at Benihana.  For tickets, call 1 800 222 5361.

“Voices” at LV Hilton Should Be Heard – and Seen