Eyecandy Sound Lounge & Bar™

Located in the center of Mandalay Bay’s casino floor, eyecandy sound lounge & bar features unrivaled technology that redefines the Las Vegas nightlife experience. Guests must be 21 years or older. For information or reservations, call (702) 632-7985.

Sun – Thursday 9 p.m.; Friday – Saturday 10 p.m.

Apr. 1              DJ Joe Good and VDJ Milk                   Apr. 16            DJ Presto

Apr. 2              DJ Presto                                             Apr. 17            VDJ GC and VDJ Erge

Apr. 3              DJ Joe Good and VDJ GC                     Apr. 18            DJ Vudu Spellz and VDJ Milk

Apr. 4 – 5         DJ Illtraxx and VDJ Chimz                    Apr. 19            DJ Joe Good and VDJ GC

Apr. 6              DJ J Remedy and VDJ Chimz                Apr. 20            DJ Joe Good and VDJ Chimz

Apr. 7              DJ J Remedy and VDJ Josh Abrams       Apr. 21            DJ Illtraxx and VDJ Josh Abrams

Apr. 8              DJ Enoc and VDJ Poun                         Apr. 22            DJ Illtraxx and VDJ Poun

Apr. 9              DJ Presto                                             Apr. 23            DJ Presto

Apr. 10            DJ Enoc and VDJ Phat Al                      Apr. 24            DJ J Remedy and VDJ Phat Al

Apr. 11            DJ Goodvybe and VDJ Milk                   Apr. 25            DJ J Remedy and VDJ Milk

Apr. 12            DJ Goodvybe and VDJ GC                    Apr. 26            DJ Enoc and VDJ GC

Apr. 13            DJ Toney Blaze and VDJ Chimz            Apr. 27            DJ Enoc and VDJ Chimz

Apr. 14            DJ Toney Blaze and VDJ Josh Abrams   Apr. 28            DJ Goodvybe and VDJ Josh Abrams

Apr. 15            DJ Vudu Spellz and VDJ Poun               Apr. 29            DJ Goodvybe and VDJ Poun

Apr. 30            DJ Presto