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In what could be described as a one two punch, Giordano Theatres followed up the star studded red carpet premiere of “Reach for Me” on January 22nd with a private screening in the Hilton on Monday January 25th  for another film, the action packed kidnap thriller “American Sunset” starring Corey Haim of “Lost Boys” fame. Like a déjà vu flashback, he walked the red carpet again along with Frank Molina and Angela Cullins promoting their film, which is set for a theatrical domestic release in 40 territories. The show of support at the “Reach for Me” event was actually the first appearance for many of the cast and crew during a weekend long visit to Las Vegas.  On Saturday night they also hosted a premiere party at Hawaiian Tropic Zone in Planet Hollywood.

Writer/Producer Jackie Giroux and actors Frank Molina and Corey Haim


Joined by director Michael Masucci, writer/producer Jackie Giroux, actor Bernard Robichaud, executive producers Eric A. Leffler and Gary Rasmussen and distributor Angelo Giordano at the exclusive screening and the Q&A that followed, everyone was careful not to give away too many details about the twist and turn plot.. Haim said of his character Tom Malrow, “Basically my wife gets taken.  During a trip to Canada she’s kidnapped. I have 24 hours and that’s all the time I have to find my wife.”  Canadian actress Cullins, who plays Haim’s wife, got the part after reading for one of Giroux’s earlier projects “Blue Seduction”.  Although Angela wasn’t the right fit for that role, Jacqueline thought she was perfect for this part.

Actor Corey Haim with Distributor Angelo Giordano

The film took 17 days to shoot in 21 locations, which were mostly in Canada, prompting one member of the audience to ask why it was named “American Sunset”. Haim responded with a quip “We’ll film the sequel in America and call it “Canadian Sunrise”.

Writer/Producer Giroux, who boasts dual U.S. and Canadian citizenship, is quite comfortable filming in both countries and discovered many of the locations used while working on “Blue Seduction”.  She said that the idea for the story grew out of an unsettling personal experience she had with a public company. Aside from being an action film, it also deals with the hot topic of personal security.  Although the budget for the movie was kept confidential, Jackie said “You never kiss and tell,” before later admitting, “It’s probably a lot less than you think it was.”

"American Sunset" Director Michael Masucci

Frank Molina, who plays Arturo, a mentally damaged war veteran turned private detective helping Tom solve the clues from the kidnapper’s game, said one of the hardest parts of taking on his role were the changes he had to make to his appearance.  This included gaining extra pounds, which his wife wasn’t happy about.  He also clarified that he is of no relation to fellow thespian Alfred Molina, while explaining to one fan that he became an actor following a career coaching girls in gymnastics.

“American Sunset” is Eric A. Leffler’s first time out as an executive producer.  Known for his acting abilities, he did double duty playing Haim’s brother-in-law and producing.  Another interesting note about the film is that the music for it was composed by Christopher Conti, who is a plastic surgeon by day and moonlights as a musician.  Conti has several CDs to his credit and there’s been much speculation that perhaps he should consider giving up his day job.

Actors Angela Cullins and Bernard Robichaud on the Red Carpet

It’s been mentioned that this film is a comeback of sorts for Haim and if that’s so, then he’s very happy with the vehicle he’s chosen to make that comeback in, despite the fast that Hollywood shoots about two pages a day and this production shot nine.  He explained, “One thing about these independent films you really, really collaborate more and you get to know each other.  This was one of my favorite projects that I’ve ever worked on.”   Let’s hope the audience agrees and makes “American Sunset” one of their favorite thrill rides this year.

Cast and Crew of "American Sunset" during the Q & A

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