By Dianne R. Davis and Burt Davis

Photos by Dianne or Burt Davis
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Desire Pearl Great Destination for Vegas Lovers

If you love the Vegas Vibe, adults only places, sexy seductive evening attire, hot music, hot bods as well, but want some ocean breezes, then check out Desire Pearl. The resort which opened in late March is located on the Mayan Riviera just north of the Puerto Morelos shopping area.


Last week we told you about the Desire Pearl Opening Celebration. But what about the resort - dining, activities, and facilities? We spent a luxurious week researching the answers.

Desire Pearl is an easy half hour ride south of the Cancun airport. This upscale couples-only. all-inclusive, clothing-optional, life-style friendly resort is part of the Original Resorts family. My husband and I were blown away by all aspects of the sensuous luxury resort.


Arrival can sometimes be a hassle, not but not here. We hadn't even finished our welcome cocktails when we received our room keys and information packets. The luggage accompanied us to the room and we were good to go.


While there are four room categories on the 88 unit property, ALL are ocean view. Each has some type of balcony or terrace on the beach side. You have privacy and view. Just slide out of bed, open your sliding glass door and if you are on the first floor exit to the pool or ocean.


Claim your day bed if your reservation is in one of the suites. Otherwise, select your favorite location to lounge, read, visit, or just sun yourself. Within a minute or two of settling in, someone will deliver your giant soft fluffy beach towel. If it gets a little wet, just exchange it.


Breakfast alternates between the pool side Aphrodite restaurant and the second dining alternative adjacent to the lobby area. Both offer a generous buffet or the option of ordering from a menu. Favorite menu items include Eggs Benedict and Eggs Ranchero.

Late morning is time enough for water aerobics, a light-hearted easy workout for those who passed on time in the resort's workout room.


Lunch at Aphrodite once again offers a sumptuous buffet or menu items. Many guests have discovered that every effort is made to accommodate requests that are not on the menu. Just ask for your favorite foods items.


Salads abound and I for one am always ready for a good cerviche and guacamole.

Bask in the sun, take a dip in the Caribbean sea, read that book, or visit with new friends. Afternoon is a quiet time. The entertainment staff have a few games to play prior to the very popular coed water and beach volleyball and basketball. Tennis courts are located on property.

Thirsty? The pool bar fronts on both the pool and beach. Lounging? A pleasant waiter or waitress will be by on a regular basis with your favorite beverage. Yes, tipping is permitted, but not mandatory.

Want to learn to scuba dive? You can take lessons right in the pool. Certified divers can stop by the scuba shack on property to arrange for diving on the near-by reef or beyond at a reasonable competitive price.

Late afternoon (4:30 pm.) brings the closing of the pool bar as the action shifts to the huge hot tub with open bar. Friendliness abounds in the lifestyle atmosphere permitted in this pool which can not be seen from the beach.


Dinner time brings an array of clothing from casual (no cut offs or beach attire allowed) to Vegas night-life short sequined numbers. Dining is on a par with some of Vegas' finest restaurants.

The veal chops were huge and flavorful, the ahi tuna and beef carpaccio appetizers were to die for, and the lobster bisque soup had delicious chunk of lobster to please the palate. Not to be missed is the filet with white chocolate sauce.


Fresh Fish

Dining at its finest. Can't decide? Order more than one. Small dessert portions beg you to try multiple treats . Each evening, one dining spot entices you try try their theme dinner buffets (Chinese, Italian, Mexican, mid-eastern) while the other offers the full menu selection.


Following dinner, it's night club/disco time. A variety of acts including a Michael Jackson impersonator and a Vegas style pole dancer get the guests in the mood for dancing the night away.

After hours?

Honestly, I don't know how late into the night the disco was going or what might have happened after hours.


I visited with the personable Alessio Giribaldi, General Manager, of the resort with a few questions.  He said that the guests would probably average 40 to 55 years old with 80% from the USA and Canada. The other 20% will be drawn from Europe and Latin countries.

He estimated that 50% would be life-style guests although various groups have inquired about “take-overs.” He projected that 35% might come with groups, the others independently.

As the resort builds its client base, Alessio anticipates instituting fidelity programs and discounts for repeat guests. By way of service, currently guests enjoy a 2.2 staff per room ratio. Alessio also anticipates special events and celebrities who will mix and mingle with the guests and or present unique entertainment events.

Desire Pears is a sensuous couples-only Vegas Vibe destination worth sampling. For more information, check out

Note: If you are wondering why there are no people in the photos --We adhered to the policy of not identifying the guests by name or photo.  To avoid accidental photos, management prohibits photos of the guests without their express agreement.