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Sandy Valley Nevada's First Annual EARTH DAY MICRO•FEST will take place Friday, April 22, 2022 from 10am - 2pm, rain or shine, free, at SV Senior Center and Peace Park, 690 Quartz, located one hour south of Las Vegas yet still in Clark County,

BRING LUNCH to eat during focused-topic lunch-circles!

This year launches a decade of annual Sandy Valley Earth Day Micro•Fests. Produced and founded by Marianne Donnelly, the vision is a decade long series:  2022 land, 2023 water, 2024 air, 2025 technology...and beyond to 2032!

Earth Day was established in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson and Denis Hayes. It established the Environmental Policy Act, 

Clean Air, Clean Water, Wilderness, Endangered Species and Scenic Rivers Acts and much more.

Featured Geologist and mine-owner RICHARD COOK will display meteorites, minerals and rocks from his extensive collection. Richard's in-depth discussion includes, SW Nevada volcanism, in relation to the Long Valley Caldera system of the Owens Valley, versus, the Colorado Plateau (Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Grand Wash Cliffs) regions' influence over the Colorado River Extension Corridor's volcanism in SE Nevada and surrounding states. 

GOODSPRINGS HISTORICAL SOCIETY board members Donn and Mary Blake, Steve Fleming,

and historian and "water warrior" David Lowe share photos, artifacts and stories about Goodsprings and Sandy Valley areas. Note, GHS Annual Reunion is April 30 all welcome: www.ghs.org

THE SOUTHERN NEVADA GEM AND MINERAL SOCIETY hosts rock-painting by Kids Rockstar Club teacher-artist Mary Beth Paladino. She loves to talk about lapidary classes, extensive field trips, community engagement and a lot more: www.sngms.org

The feature performance is 

AL MARQUIS DUO performing their touring "Old Hippie Cowboy Show," with Al Marquis and Rob Millar, along with Al’s famous dog Charlie, who is much loved at Nevada fundraising events. Don't miss lively songs and cowboy poetry!

We are lucky to also have ukulele player James Kimo Taylor with a traditional and lively short set! 

JENNA McCLINTOCK, ballerina and former Oakland Ballet Artistic Director, will perform her original dance “Dream Weavin" to Edvard Grieg music, poems “Stones In My Eyes” to Francis Poulenc music and “Space,” to Benny Goodman music.  

We all remember mama saying, "Don't forget your lunch!"

EVENT INFO: 702-723-0085 


10:00-10:05 announcements

10:05-10:15 JENNA McCLINTOCK, original dance “Dream Weavin" to Edvard Grieg music.  

10:20-10:30 Surprise!

10:30-11:25 GOODSPRINGS HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Donn and Mary Blake, Steve Fleming and David Lowe share photos, artifacts and stories about Goodsprings, Sandy Valley and wider area. 

11:30-12:20 RICHARD COOK,

in-depth, area-wide geology talk plus meteorites, minerals, rocks display.

12:20-12:30 MOCK•ROCK•HUNT 

12:30-1:00 FOCUSED-TOPIC LUNCH-CIRCLES eat lunch you brought while engaging with presenters.

1:00-1:40 AL MARQUIS DUO: "Old Hippie Cowboy Show" Rob Millar, Al Marquis, and Charlie Dog, cowboy poetry and music.

1:45-2:00 KIMO TAYLOR Ukulele!

2:00-2:15 JENNA McCLINTOCK, 

Original poems and movement: “Stones In My Eyes” to music by Francis Poulenc; “Space” to music by Benny Goodman.




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