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Jason Alexander brings “The Donny Clay Experience” to Planet Hollywood

Award winning actor Jason Alexander, best known to TV audiences as George Costanza in the comedy series Seinfeld, spoofs motivational speakers in his uproarious show “The Donny Clay Experience” that opened at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on February 11 for a limited engagement.

The multi talented Alexander who is also a director, producer as well as TV and movie actor, is no stranger to the stage having performed as a song and dance man on Broadway and winning a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical.  Portraying “Donny Clay”, the world’s fourth-best motivational speaker, complete with fake hair and fake self importance and a list of six lessons that he claims will change your life, Alexander shows off his skills as a performer who has no trouble connecting with live audiences.

Audience participation is a factor in The Donny Clay Experience, an interactive, partially improvised mock seminar/ comedy romp that relies on several members of the audience randomly chosen to come on stage in helping to exemplify how everyone can improve their lives by discovering the “You inside of You”.

Alexander, I mean, Clay, employs videos including hilarious straight faced testimonials from celebrities such as Julia Louis Dreyfus, Larry King, Brad Garrett, Kirk Douglas, Joan Rivers and William Shatner, on how Donny made an impact on their lives. Along with the scripted comedy material, improvisational humor,  Alexander also gets to show his talent as a gifted singer by occasionally breaking out into song.

If you are a follower of Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Dr. Phil or any other self help gurus, don’t expect Donny Clay to offer any real mind opening insights that will transform your life. What you will get from the very talented Jason Alexander providing the “Donny Clay Experience” is an enjoyable, memorable evening of comedy and music that will leave you laughing… and there is nothing more cathartic than that experience.

Alexander performs his limited engagement of the Donny Clay Experience for a series of dates through March 2010.  The upcoming shows are scheduled as follows:  February 25-28, March 4-7 and March 11-14. Ticket prices range from $60.50 - $99.
Jason Alexander as Donny Clay
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Jason Alexander as Donny Clay
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Jason Alexander as Donny Clay
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn