By Jacqueline Monahan
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What puts the “smash” in a Smashburger?

Is it:

A:  A ball of never-frozen, fresh Black Angus chuck (80/20) is deposited on a hot-buttered griddle surface and then smashed into a patty
using a two handed press.
B:  A Smashburger is so good that it’s “smashing” as the English would say.
C:  The speed with which you’ll want a Smashburger to meet your mouth could cause you to smash it into your face, almost forgetting to bite.
D:  All of the above.

Technically, it’s A, but D is also true, according to the Colorado-based chain’s long-time customers.

On site for the opening was regional VP of sales Scott Duke, whose enthusiasm for the company and its products was apparent.  Smashburger’s business is booming, with a three-year sales growth of 2,673 percent.  The organization was included on the Inc. 500 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies.  If you don’t live near one now, chances are you soon will.

Smashburger 25756
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Smashburger’s newest restaurant, almost on the corner or Serene and Eastern (technically it’s Richmar and Eastern, 9460 S. Eastern, Ste. #102 to be exact, offers its legendary burgers along with Smashchicken sandwiches and Smashsalads accompanied by a selection of sauces, toppings and premium add-ons.  Customized options are only limited by customer palate and imagination.

For example, the Sin City* Smashburger (with fried egg, applewood-smoked bacon and haystack onions) is local to the Las Vegas area, and is customizable by burger (Black Angus beef, chicken breast, or spicy black bean). *named one of the top burgers of the year by the Las Vegas Weekly in 2010.

Also served in Classic, Spicy Baja, Mushroom Swiss, and Avocado Club versions, you can always get any topping on any burger and create your own culinary masterpiece.

Smashburger 25760
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Your humble correspondent ordered the Sin City with a black bean burger, thereby creating the one-of-a-kind Vegetarian Carnivore.  The possibilities are endless, and no matter what your smashed-and-seared burger choice, it will come well seasoned with Smashburger’s proprietary blend.  Yes, it’s a secret.

Buns come in egg, spicy chipotle, and multi-grain varieties, and though they are quite large themselves, you can count on the burgers ALWAYS being bigger.

Decadent Smashfries are crispy strips of potato tossed with rosemary, olive oil, and garlic.  Their sweet potato counterparts can be dressed up as well, or enjoyed au naturel.  The Haystack Onions are crispy wisps that come with a dipping sauce. 

Veggie Frites (asparagus, carrots, and green beans) get flash-fried into a mini farmer’s market of crunchy, vitamin-rich goodness.  Even pickles take a dip in the deep fryer and emerge along with a side of buttermilk ranch dressing.

Going green is easy with Smashburger’s trio of salads.  There’s the Harvest salad (including dried cranberries, pumpkin and sunflower seeds) and two types of Cobb salad; one is a Baja version with sliced jalapenos for that extra kick in the tongue. The Classic Cobb includes a fried egg among its many ingredients.

Desserts include diabolically crave-worthy shakes, malts, and floats made with Häagen-Dazs ice cream.  Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry meet and sometimes marry, Nutter Butter, caramel, Oreo and Butterfinger mix-ins.  A PB&J creation weds Nutter Butter cookies and strawberry for a rich, yet subtle flavor. Malt can be added to any shake for even further velvet variation.   Try the Vanilla malt for a little sip of heaven in a cup.

Servers Megan, Tracy, and Mae make the experience even more delightful with their extensive knowledge of menu choices and helpful suggestions.  Personnel are uniformly polite and friendly, guiding and informing customers about ingredients, toppings, and custom pairings.

Smashburger 25758
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

It’s a dining experience that lets the whole family get “smashed” without a minimum age requirement or need for a designated driver.

You will, however, need a napkin.

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