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By Dianne R. Davis
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Photos by Dianne or Burt Davis

Frankie Moreno is a high energy headliner - the epitome of musical talent with good looks, charm, and stage presence.

I saw Frankie at the Stratosphere as he enchanted the audience, first with his singing ability, then, entertaining on the piano, drums, harmonica, and guitar. I asked what else he plays and wasn't surprised by the response, “Everything.”


Frankie is the real deal - musician, performer, showman, composer. He takes pride in his work and enjoys all its aspects. This is a family affair.  Brother Tony plays the bass guitar and provides some clever bro/bro comic relief and brother Ricky oversees the autograph/photo line and merchandizing. Both collaborate on new material and music. Their parents Carole and Frank are at almost every show.

When did the music start for Frankie? “It's the only thing I know and remember. When I was three, I knew that this is what I really wanted to do. It's always been my passion.”

It's hard to pigeonhole this musical prodigy. I asked about his style. “I don't have one,” he declared. “ I make music that sounds good to me in the moment I'm in. I was trained classically. I just think music is music and it's about a time stamp of a moment you're in. Whatever I feel. I don't categorize myself.”

Following every performance, Frankie meets fans, poses for photos, and signs the CD's and other signature'd items for sale. Then he often has a little party in his dressing room and heads out for some food. Favorite spots are The Bootlegger and Chinatown.

photo credit: John Knopf

photo credit: John Knopf

photo credit: John Knopf

Frankie includes oldies and originals in a blend that works. There are show stoppers like “Mac The Knife” and “Eleanor Rigby,” familiar, yet with a new approach. Original songs like “Tangerine Honey” and “Let's Fake a Honeymoon” have a contemporary yet traditional feel. The mix works.

Frankie believes that you have to feel the energy of each audience and gage what they want. “You have to learn to be a showman and follow it with personality, not be shy. I believe music, laughter, and sex appeal are all universal. You can't go anywhere on this planet without those three things.

I asked about a favorite charity. “The American Heart Association. The first book report I did was on on heart attacks and strokes. About ten years ago, I did a song for them.”

I have seen Frankie’s show twice now. The basic elements are there, along with new material. He is constantly changing things. “Every night is new and fresh, no script. That would bore me and then no one has any fun.”

That fun includes some trips into the audience and a bottle of Crown Royal which he shares generously. The twinkle in his eye says come be naughty with me. And the fun includes the talent of Frankie, his drummer, three strings, two guitarists, and three horns. Together or doing solos, this is classic Las Vegas - fun, entertaining, and high energy. I recommend it for any demographic. Go to the Stratosphere to be totally entertained by Frankie Moreno.

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