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By Dianne R. Davis


Photos by Dianne or Burt Davis
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Wes Winters Celebrates One Year at South Point's Grandview Lounge
Join the Party on Saturday April 21

Wes Winters, one of the most popular and versatile entertainers in Las Vegas, is celebrating his one year anniversary in the Grandview Lounge at South Point this Saturday and the community is invited to join the celebration.


Winters has been filling the 150 seat Lounge with a wide demographic drawn to his boy-next-door charm and great talent as a pianist, singer, and all around entertainer. His show is one of the best deals in town with no cover and no minimum.

Folks can drop by anytime between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. On Fridays and/or Saturdays to enjoy the fun. Dance floors on either side of the raised stage give fans the chance to enjoy a variety of dance numbers. Winters entertains with musical selections from Michael Buble to Bobby Darin, Barry Manilow, Liberace, and many more. It's worth a visit just to see his nine-foot mirrored concert grand piano on stage.

This Saturday, April 21, Winters invites his audience to share in cake and champagne provided by the South Point in honor of the anniversary. There will be prizes and surprises for his fans including free dinners and show tickets.

This Kansas native is a self taught virtuoso with a down home personality which has inspired a huge cadre of regulars who enjoy his performances. So check out Wes Winters at the Grandview Lounge at South Point this Saturday, April 21and share some cake and a lot of fun. For more information, Call the South Point Hotel & Casino at 702 796-7111.

A Mensch!

Usually I report on entertainment and entertainment personalities. Today I have a story about a mensch. The word is yiddish and is difficult to translate. It means good guy, nice person. Someone who does the right thing without looking for reward or recognition. These are all definitions of a mensch.

I like to think that the celebrities I interview or write about or hang with are all likeable people, nice to me because I am nice to them. I don't like to think that they're nice to me because I can do something for them. The fact is that they are not all good folks, but the good news is that most of them are. So who is being singled out and why?

Dianne Davis and Marty Allen

Marty Allen, that 90 year old bundle of energy with a twinkle in his eye and a twinkle in his feet. And why am I writing about him today? Because he called me to say thank you. Yes, called me – on the telephone. Imagine a thing like that.

I was among the supporters, reporters, celebrities, and dignitaries at Palace Station celebrating Marty's 90th birthday, smiling as former and present Mayors Oscar Goodman and Carolyn Goodman presented Marty with the keys to the city (which Marty later told me don't seem to work in any of the doors he's tried so far.) Then we enjoyed the show that he and his wonderful talented wife Karon put on for us.

I brought him a little gift that day. Nothing expensive, but something that seemed perfect for him. End of story? No. A few days later, my phone rang. It was Marty calling to say thank you. Thank you for the nice stories I wrote for The Vegas Voice newspaper and Las Vegas Round The Clock and thank you for the thoughtful gift which he said he is enjoying. He and Karon were getting ready to board another Royal Caribbean ship for a cruise to Jamaica. The fans on the cruises love Marty and Karon's shows and love meeting them.

But before they left, Marty Allen called to say thank you. He made my day. What a mensch. And if you want to see this mensch and great entertainer in action, he and Karon will be back at Palace Station on April 21 and April 22 at 4 p.m. in the Louie Anderson Theater at Palace Station. For ticket information, check out or call Palace Station at 702-367-2411.  And be sure to tell him that you heard from Dianne that he's a real mensch.

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