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By Dianne R. Davis
Photos by Dianne or Burt Davis

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Scantily Clad Women, Autographs, New Special Products Abounded

Some conventions, meetings, confabs, or get-togethers could reasonably be held most anywhere, but the AEE, the Adult Entertainment Expo, is where it belongs - in the unique atmosphere of Las Vegas.

Every January, I attend the AEE, looking for new stories and new products to write about. It's not a hard search. Funny thing, words take on different connotations when I write these stories. Like the word hard. After all, there are many products touted at the AEE to help guys who want to be hard to get there and stay there.

Not to worry, I'm keeping this story G rated, although there may be double meanings in some of what I write so keep alert.

Dildo of the Day!

As I roamed the rooms searching for feature stories, I came (see what I mean about double meanings) across a man in a hand costume. He was urging attendees to visit a booth called “Dildo of The”. Sounded intriguing. Well, apparently this site is the world's first groupon type website for adult products.  Trevor told me that their products are, “top of the line” and sell at about 50% off. They had quite an interesting assortment.



Original Resorts PR Director Mario Cruz Garcia gave Burt Davis information on the new Desire Pearl Resort opening in March near Puerto Morales, Mexico.

At the Desire Resorts booth, we were given information  on the all -inclusive clothing- optional resorts in Mexico  The upscale facilities , located in Los Cabos and Riviera Maya are for couples only.  General Manager Alessio Giribaldi and PR Director Mario Cruz Garcia were there to explain why they feel that Las Vegas visitors and residents are a prime target market for their product. The newest resort, Desire Pearl, is due to open on March 30. Their Los Cabos location will be reopening and rebranded on May 1 back to a clothing optional facility.

According to the literature we received, Desire Pearl Resort & Spa Riviera Maya, “has been provided with superb amenities and features that will seduce all of your senses such as an erotic, clothing optional atmosphere, oceanfront pools, beach beds, beach/pool concierges, and an indulging spa. .. gourmet, signature dishes and sensual environments that will embrace you with the taste of Desire every night” Get more information at Maybe we'll see you there.


On to Knobbie Travel where I found a toothbrush massager. I spoke with Matthew who explained that, if your niece or company spots the item, all they'll see is a toothbrush. It's descrete.”



This vibrating five finger massage glove from Fukuoku is even waterproof! Yes, it is available as left or right handed.

I found interesting people at the AEE as well. At the Fixsation booth, I bumped into Summer, a lovely young woman who is studying mechanical engineering at the University of Central Oklahoma. “I would like to get in with a company working on product development and design.” she told me.


“Why this industry” I asked. “It came to me in an epiphany. I was just so tired of being in school. I was buying a crazy sex toy for a friend and I realized that the product was durable, cost effective, and won't break in six months. Som here I am talking to manufacturers and distributors about the possibility of a future in this industry.”

I asked her what she would say to those who think of adult products as slimy and slutty. She said that when those folks think of adult products, they think of porn, “but,” she continued, “there's the other side. Products to help women to orgasm and feel more comfortable with their bodies.”

She continued, “We need to help understand that batteries can be a good thing. I want men to understand that if their women need a little extra help to get there, that it's so available. There just needs to be education.” Her overall goal, she told me, is “to change how sex education is taught.


Then there was the spray lub. No, not the lub for the car. Come on, you know what story you're reading. Alex told me, “Why get lubricant all over your hands when you can reach for a can and spray a personal spray lubricant. It's not sticky and it is non staining.”

I was pleased to learn that Fantasy Lingerie carries up to a size 3X. After all, women of all sizes want the opportunity to feel sexy.

One of my favorite booths is always Order some products from them on line. They are real conversation starters. They carry hats, shirts, license plate framers, etc. There are even shirts for the guys. Daniel told me that their company started as a whim, a joke, four years ago. They went home and typed it in and nobody owned the name, so they started slow to see how it might go. Their best selling item is the license frame.


And then there is Ron Jeremy. What would the AEE be without the Ron Jeremy, know as the hardest (working) man in the business. This year the icon of the industry was there signing autographs (and body parts, really) and promoting his Ron De Jeremy rum.

The women are the focus

Make no mistake. I've talked product, but it's the women in this industry who are the focus of the AEE. I've told you about some of the other features and people there, but I'd guess the majority of ticket buyers are there to see the women up close. They absolutely get the chance to do that. If they are willing to stand in line, the payoff is a moment eyeball to eyeball (if they guys aren't busy looking a little lower down the anatomy), a brief conversation, and a personalized autographed photo.

The women of the adult video industry are there to meet their fans, their bread and butter, their meal ticket. They are generous with their smiles and kind words for the fans.

The AEE is one of those events that the guys talk about attending. Yes, sometimes the gals do too. So, do it. Dates and location aren't finalized yet, but check in at www. . And when you go next year, just look for the gray haired reporter. I'll be there. It's fun.Check out a few interesting photos from this event. Looks like Burt had fun doesn't it.







Brooklyn Lee 








Sapphire, a local gentlemens' club was well represented.

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