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By Dianne R. Davis
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Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis or Burton Davis unless otherwise noted.

Kevin Burke is funny.  Here’s a Vegas performer who is doing two shows, one scripted,  (Defending The Caveman at Harrah’s )The other show, Fitz of Laughter is, well, just plain funny.  Fitz of Laughter is scheduled for 9:13 nightly at Fitzgerald’s on Freemont Street.   The crazy time is set to allow Kevin to get from one show to the other.

I’ve seen Kevin’s show more than once and can tell you that it changes.  During my first visit, Kevin let the audience select the topic for the evening.  So we voted. Selections included Socio-Political or Sex & Violence. Should I bother to tell you what was selected?  Hello, its Vegas folks.

According to Kevin, he is, “The world’s only psychic comedian. Often imitated, never duplicated. The original and one of a kind.”   Then he’s off and talking.  On the subject of Miss Cleo the television psychic who was arrested for being a fraud, he said, “She should have seen it coming.”

Kevin has perfected the art of audience interaction. The showroom (upstairs) is in a relatively small room.  That’s good.  It means you get to be fairly close to the action.  But be warned, you may be part of it.


Time for audience participation. Kevin proceeds to his who-wrote- the-postcard thing.  We write our fantasy on a card which he collects. He steps off the stage and into the audience, matches the fantasy with the writer, sometimes- no often - embarrassing the writer while getting some good mileage out of our contributions to his act.


Kevin’s got this routine he does with three staple guns.  My friend Alice was called on stage to staple him with her selection of two of the three guns. Two are empty; one is loaded.  Should she select the wrong staple gun, ooooops and ouch!  She was nervous, not entirely confident of her decisions with Kevin’s well being at stake.  Thankfully, the trick went well and his head continued to be staple-free.

His humor?  Well, regarding Gilligan’s Island, he said, all they had to do was kill Gilligan and they would have gotten off.  Okay, so his humor isn’t for the kids.  Got it?

Be careful about cell phone use in his show.  He’ll take the phone and make calls to people that you don’t want to tell where you are and what he says you are doing.  Kevin Burke is funny.  Enjoy “the world’s only psychic comedian” nightly except Tuesdays at Fitzgeralds at 9:13 PM.

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