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By Dianne R. Davis

Photos By Dianne or Burt Davis
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38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards: Working The Red Carpet

I confess-- I am a soap opera fan. I’ve been watching General Hospital for almost 48 years. Whoops, kind of gave away a hint on my age there. So this is a case where I went to Judy Thorburn and said, Judy, we’ve got to do this again. It’s my chance to see Anthony Geary (Luke on General Hospital) or Susan Lucci (All My Children) or Melissa Archer (Natalie on One Life to Live). Maybe I’ll get to say hello again to Bradford Anderson, who I think is one of the best actors around. He plays Spinelli on General Hospital. In 2010 he was on the red carpet with his lovely wife.


So we did it again. And once again, I called my good friend, Las Vegas entertainer Wes Winters to partner with me. Between us, we would talk to the celebrities about their roles on their soaps or other daytime shows or their fashion statements. We lined up in our designated spot with close to 100 other members of the media including photographers, videographers, and interviewers from newspapers, television, radio, on line sites, magazines, and news services.

We had been told that “Semi/Formal attire is required. … Black tie or dark suit and tie for men; cocktail dress, long gown or dressy pantsuit for women. No jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirts, shorts, etc.” Often, Las Vegas press are found in t-shirts and jeans. Today, would be the exception, rather than the rule. I wore comfortable shoes and retrieved my mother-of-the-bride fancy attire from the back of the closet.

The Red Carpet would last for two hours and end just before the actual broadcast began.

Some fans were gathered outside of the Las Vegas Hilton. Others were lined up on one side of the red carpet long before the first celebrity appeared.


The “celebrities” arrived and walked. Some skipped the red carpet, walking down a lane away from the media. Others spoke with us, skipped us, waved to us, or ignored us. Many had their publicists with them to designate which press were worthy of a few minutes of their time.

It’s important to note that occasionally a cheer arose from the crowd. Each time I looked to see what celebrity was being applauded, I was delighted to find that the cheers were for uniformed military personnel on their way to the show.

Working the red carpet at the Daytime Emmy Awards was fun, exhausting, and interesting. I saw the lovely Susan Lucci again. Anthony Geary was not there, but Melissa Archer looked great. How could she be otherwise with that beautiful red hair. I asked Spinelli actor Bradford Anderson why his wife wasn’t there with him and he proudly told me that she is expecting their first child shortly. I told him to bring a photo next year.

Yes, I plan to be back there again next year. I lament the fact that many of my soap stars won’t be there due to the cancellation of One Life to Live and All My Children, but there will always be Daytime TV and hopefully Daytime Emmy Awards. So, check back with me next year. Hopefully, you’ll see me, with microphone in hand, on the Red Carpet at the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Rick Thomas & His Tigers are Good Show for Entire Family

Summer is here and here come the families who select Las Vegas as a vacation destination.

They arrive and don’t know where to take the kids. One good choice is The Magic & Tigers of Rick Thomas at the Saxe Theater inside the Miracle Mile Shops behind Planet Hollywood. The show plays daily at 3 p.m. and is absolutely family friendly.

Vegas is about variety. It isn’t all scantily clad women and huge casts and production numbers. But what’s Vegas without magic? The illusionary magic of Rick Thomas is a light hearted entertaining show with the requisite birds and two tigers. Rick uses quite a few audience members -both children and adults - as he performs and talks about dreams and reality. This is in his words, “illusionary magic.”

Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn


Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Rick does the usual, sawing a woman in half, making stuff disappear and reappear, but there are a few unique components to his act as well. The guy was a prize winner dancer and displays this talent during the show. He tells the audience that this is a legacy from his parents. At age 74, his dad is still instructing students in the art of dance!

Rick adds a nice comedic touch to the act as he talks about his dislike of birds. Of course, what is a magician without his birds and he’s got em. “The future belongs to those who follow their dreams.” Rick tells the audience. It is to our advantage that Rick Thomas followed his dream. He’s been performing in Las Vegas since 1998. Go see this master illusionist, his female assistants, his tigers, and his birds at the Saxe theater. Bring the whole family to this highly enjoyable show.

Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Check into Rick’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step on stage and stand virtually face-to-face with white and orange Bengal Tigers. Show-goers who upgrade their tickets will receive the full VIP treatment. VIP ticket holders will be seated up front and center, meet the stars of the show and then go on stage after the performance to take pictures with the rare, majestic cats.

The Magic & Tigers of Rick Thomas will show daily at 3pm at Saxe Theater inside Miracle Mile Shops - Planet Hollywood with the VIP “Tiger Encounter” directly following each show. The show is suitable for all ages. Tickets start at $39.99 plus tax. For more information, call 702 932 1818 or go to
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