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By Dianne R. Davis
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Photos by Dianne R. Davis or Burt Davis unless otherwise indicated.

“Hypnosis Helps” to Provide Coats, Shirts, & Gifts for Las Vegas' Kids in Need

Elementary school kids without warm coats in Las Vegas? Yes. But some generous entertainers in Las Vegas are lending their talents and their dollars to help change that sad fact. They are stepping forward to help needy kids in their town. With the help of show goers, several hypnotists are hoping to raise $25,000 in the next few weeks to fund winter coats, school shirts, and a gift for each of 750 students in grades K-5 in a Title 1 school.

A sizable project - and not much time to reach the goal of distributing the items on December 11. But the leaders of Hypnosis Helps are confident that their audiences and supporters will warm the bodies and souls of the students.  

According to Kevin Lepine (Binions), "Every kid should have a warm coat for winter, but the reality is that too many go to school without the warm covering they need.  Many of our shows are for adults only, but we care about the kids growing up in Las Vegas."

Kevin Lepine side - Version 2 copy
Kevin Lepine

The hypnotists won't be putting audiences under their spells to do this, but rather simply describing the need and the project. And you don't have to go to the shows to demonstrate your support as there is a Go Fund Me process in place. You can access it at

How and why this project took shape is a simple story. It started when Hypnotist Steve Falcon saw a post from kindergarten teacher Alex Uglow asking for assistance.

“There are twenty students in her class and many don't have warm coats to get them through the winter,” Falcon said. “Children were asking for new shoes without holes, coats to stay warm, cough medicine. I knew I had to help.” Falcon's original mission was to “adopt” these 20 children in the class.

Enter Hypnotist Kevin Lepine. Falcon contacted his friend Kevin who came up with what Falcon describes as “an amazing goal.”  Kevin asked how many kids were in the school. The friend told him that 750 students attend the designated Title 1 school here in Las Vegas.

steve falconJPG
Steve Falcon

A Title 1 school is defined as a school with high numbers or high percentages of children from low-income families. “More than 85% of the students at this particular school qualify for free or assisted lunch programs and need our help.” Lepine said. “Ninety plus percent of their student body live in rented homes or apartments. And 30 students at this school are legally considered homeless.”

Kevin asked his friend why they were limiting it to that one class. “What about the others?” Kevin asked. Lepine felt that they should, “adopt the entire school and provide cold weather coats for all of the students.”

“ With Kevin's help, and the rest of the Las Vegas Hypnosis community, Falcon believes, “we are going to make this happen. We are well on our way but we need everyone's help to accomplish our goal.”

And thus the larger project came into being - To provide coats, shirts, and even a holiday gift for not just every kindergarten student, but all the students in this school. Phones started ringing. Hypnotist Anthony Cools (Paris) was quick to sign on as third grade captain. “I could not imagine not having a warm jacket to wear, and if you can't imagine it either, then give. Let's make sure these kids are warm this year. Feed your soul by giving to a child,” Cools said.

HH cafeteriaImagine filling the cafeteria of the school with new coats, shoes, and gifts for children in need

Anthony Cools courtesy          savard
Anthony Cools                                               Marc Savard

Hypnotist Marc Savard (V Theater, Planet Hollywood), himself the father of four, will lead the drive for fourth graders. More calls and more positive replies followed. Steve Falcon is captain for the Kindergarten kids and Steve Daly (Zombie Burlesque – V Theater) quickly agreed to the task of providing for the first graders in the school. Don Barnhart has pledged his support for the second graders. Kevin Lepine (Binions) is committed to helping the kids in fifth grade.

Kevin described the multiple level plan as follows -
“Level 1 - $7,500 raised allows us to buy winter coats for all of the students.

Level 2 - $11,000 raised allows us to buy a winter coat and school uniform shirt for each student.

Level 3 - $15,000 allows us to buy coats, shirts and a gift for each child from their wish list (Christmas/holiday wishes the students have asked for include: socks, underwear, shoes with no holes or even as humble as a puzzle).

The amazing Level 4 - $25,000 would also allow us to get a pair of shoes for every student as well.

Everything above and beyond with go to providing schools supplies for the class rooms (paper, pens, crayons, etc).”

Las Vegas Hypnotists are spearheading this Hypnotists Help Campaign but they need your help.There are three ways to give. If you are attending one of the captain's performances between now and December 11, look for a contribution container at the show. Or purchase some of the great merchandise they sell.  A portion will be designated for the students.  

If you can't make it to a show in the next few weeks, go online to to join with other warm hearted generous people who want to help the kids in Las Vegas to have a warm happy holiday.

No contribution is too small to help the numbers add up. Every $20 get a coat, school shirt, supplies and a wish list gift (some wishes are as humble as socks, underwear or a puzzle) for every kid. $400 takes care of an entire classroom. 

“With the community's assistance, we can make this holiday season one of joy for our city's kids,” Lepine said For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


A Very Terry Christmas – Same Great Entertainment Wrapped for the Holiday

Terry Fator is a Las Vegas star. He may have gotten his headlining gig because he won American's Got Talent, but he's kept it because audiences appreciate his talent and enjoy his shows. But what if you've already seen the Las Vegas show at the Mirage? You want to see Terry Fator again, but you want a different show. Quick, now's your chance. From now through December 24, you can catch A Very Terry Christmas. Same characters, but a change in the script and the costumes. Oh, and the fabulous set has some special holiday changes as well.

TF Intro 15

Terry Fator Vicki the cougar

Terry Fator Winston

T Fator Julius

Terry's doorbell rings, reminiscent of those old holiday specials with Bing Crosby or Andy Williams, and the guests are his regular characters including Winston, Julius, Vicky, Emma, and Doug ie. You'll hear the voices of Ethel Merman, Judy Garland, Nat King Cole, and Bing Crosby. They all come from Terry Fator's mouth and try as you might, you won't see it moving. From either the characters or Terry, you'll hear jokes or comments about every one from Joe Biden and Obama to Donald Trump and Bill Cosby. The adults will get the jokes, but they'll fly right over the heads of the children.

It seemed to me that Terry is doing a little more singing in his own voice these days. That's fine as he is a singer, a comedian, a celebrity impressionist and a ventriloquist.


The show truly invokes the spirit of the season. And even though it is billed as a Christmas Show, this Texas bred Las Vegas resident finds time for a nod to his Jewish audience members with Adam Sandler's Chanukah song.


IF you haven't seen Terry Fator, go see him now and then come back later for the regular show. You'll enjoy both. By the way, his recent bride wife Angie Fiore will be on stage as well. And get there early to enjoy the talented energetic Ben Harris who warms up the audience prior to showtime.Go see Terry Fator, The Voice of Entertainer, in A Very Terry Christmas at 7:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and December 12, 2015.

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