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By Dianne R. Davis
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Penny gabe good
Photo credit: Gabe Ginsberg

The Penny Pibbets Show is outrageous, hysterical, over the line, ridiculously funny. The promo card says, “Penny Pibbets hosts her own TV Talk show! Come be a part of her audience! You never know who will stop by!...Anything can the Penny Pibbets Show”. This show which is referred to as a “TV Talk show” includes some interesting unique segments. There's Penny at the keyboard, Penny on the accordion, Penny and her dog Charlie, and Penny at the drums. But don't think this show is all about Penny. On second thought, yes it is, and delightfully so.

Penny accordian
Penny Pibbets plays the keyboard, the accordion, the drums and who knows what else
Photo by Dianne R. Davis

Penny and the Gazillionaire have been stars of the popular and critically acclaimed show Absinthe at Caesar's Palace. If you loved her in that show, you'll double-love her in this one. In fact, when we attended the Premiere at the Art Square Theatre in downtown Las Vegas in December, some Absinthe cast members were there including the multi-talented Green Fairy Melody Sweets, Sean Scott, one of the tap dancing Scott Brothers, Aerialist Lea Hinz, and Duo Fevrie.

Penny Pibbets Robin Leach
Robin Leach attended the premiere
Photo by Dianne R. Davis

Penny is the personification of pretty in pink. But her red carpet was purple. Must have been on sale and this was a kick starter financed event. Two people wore pink in her honor. I was one. The other was entertainment reporter extraordinaire Robin Leach. Penny made fun of one of his physical attributes, but I'm fairly certain he laughed, so I guess she still has a future in the industry. Turns out Robin Leach loved Penny's Show. He said in his column in the Las Vegas Sun that, “... there’s simply no way you can be offended even with her filthy mouth. She’s just too adorable to take umbrage.... Penny can slice, chop and destroy with the touch of a graceful lady’s lacy glove.”

Burt Davis Penny Pibbets
Penny invited my spouse Burt Davis to have a seat on the sofa.
Photo by Dianne R. Davis

The most visible “guest” was my loving husband Burt who was pulled from the audience by Penny and asked to sit on the on stage sofa. She said she never had a grandpa but now she does. She's a good hostess. She gave him the day's paper and told him to read it.

That was not the only use made of the day's newspaper. Penny ripped the headlines from the front page and expounded on them. What courage it takes to find your way to humor when the front page screams out the the murder of two New York policemen. Not sure I'd be courageous enough to pick it as subject matter, but I now believe Penny could make anything work.

The Penny Pibbets Show Live-5
Penny Pibbets

This is an interactive show. Burt was an easy choice to sit on Penny's sofa because he looks like a harmless grandfather and was in the front row, but no one was exempt from Penny's interaction. She pointed a finger and asked, “Who would you like to murder?” Answers which she listed on the board ranged from “All the terrorists” to “Obama”. Penny somehow thought we'd buy into her attitude that we could help the population and kill some people. Oh, use knives she suggested, it's good for the environment to recycle them. Her personal suggestion for the first one to kill was Kim Kardashian. We won't even go into the reasons why, but lord Penny is funny.

Penny Pibbets Charlie
Penny and Charlie the dog
Photo by Dianne R. Davis

Low budget production – get a dog. You can pay him in doggie snacks. Charlie did a few tricks and looked cute for the audience. If you play your hand right, you might get some free money at The Penny Pibbets Show. She ventures into the audience with a segment called “A Penny for your thoughts.” You actually get a penny, but look out for her thoughts on what you have to say.

Craft Time! Penny brought a guy on stage and removed his sock and together they created a sock puppet. The thing is, when Penny who couldn't possibly weight even 100 pounds, does all of this, she has us falling off our chairs with laughter.

Penny is raunchy. We all got a view of her derriere although Burt got the best view. Her language could sometimes be described as salty sailor. But she does it with such a sense of innocence that it doesn't seem dirty. Well, maybe just a little.

Credit must also go to Shannan Calcutt, co writer and director of this over the line, recommended for free spirited adults, hilarious show. I loved it. I went back a second time to see it again and was delighted to find that there a great deal of new material. I as also glad to see that Charlie the dog was still doing his tricks, going in and out through Penny's outstretched legs.

Go see The Penny Pibbets show on January 4, 5, or 6. Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m., Sundays at 2 p.m. At the Art Square Theatre, 1025 S. First Street in Las Vegas. Tickets are $25 and can be ordered through Trust me on this one. This is one of the most creative innovative women in Las Vegas. Future plans for this hilarious presentation are up in the air, so don't miss your chance to see it now.

Penny Pibbets Clint Holmes Kelly Clinton Holmes Jerry jonesClint Holmes, Kelly Clinton Holmes Penny Pibbets and Jerry Jones loved the show.  Kelly called Penny, "freaking funny, fearless and creative genius!"
Photo by Dianne R. Davis




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