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By Dianne R. Davis
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Photo credit: Dianne or Burt Davis

I like Mike -- Mike Hammer. The promo for his comedy magic show at the Four Queens says, “Get Hammer'd”. It could or should say, “Relax, laugh a lot, have a good time wondering, “how did he do that?'”


There are no lions or tigers or bears in this act. Not even a rabbit, or a hat for that matter. Mike is the only paid person on stage. But if you go, look out. You just might become one of the stars of the show. It is comedy, it is magic, it is delightful. And it is downtown on Fremont Street.Take a trip down there, see the overhead laser light show, gape at the tourists, watch the street performers, and breathe in the atmosphere of old Las Vegas.
Back to Mike Hammer. First, get there early to enjoy the video that serves as the warm up and has you exercising your smile muscles.
Then there is Mike Hammer with a twinkle in his eye and fast fingers. His persona is both edgy and endearing. He's a fast talker with a quick wit. When he finds characters in the audience – and does he ever - he brings them into the action. He deals with a loud talker by asking, “Where'd you learn to whisper, in a helicopter?
When we were there, Mike somehow managed to come upon a guy in the audience who didn't even speak English. No problem. Just made it more fun. Don't worry if you don't like your seat. He might switch you to another one anyway. Or bring you on stage. Or have a conversation with you in the middle of the show.  All in good fun.

One of the standards of Mike's act is the razor blade routine. Be prepared to watch him swallowing double-edged razor blades. Of course Mike is a magician so he follows by consuming string and out come the blades tied to the string. How did he do that?
You'll be tied to the action as you're taken through a lively and magical fast-paced 70 minutes of getting Hammer'd with Mike. Mike Hammer performs in the Canyon Club at the Four Queens at 7:00 pm. Tuesday through Saturday. The show, which contains no foul language, is recommended for ages 13 and up. To learn more about Mike, visit his website


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