By Dianne R. Davis
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Photo credit: Dianne or Burt Davis

AOL Andrea Ziegler and Jeynifer Tribbitt
Photo credit: Andrea Ziegler and Jeynifer Tribbitt

Two adorable old ladies in their living room, their nephew the theater critic, another nephew who is a serial killer and his deranged medical assistant who doubles as a porter, and some dead bodies. Add the old ladies' brother Teddy who believes he is Theodore Roosevelt. These are the main characters who come and go through the living room of the Brewster home in Brooklyn, New York during a September day or two in 1941.

Oh, did I mention that the two spinsters, Abby and Martha Brewster, played by endearingly by Andee Gibbs and Mary Alice Burack, respectively, murder old lonely men by poisoning them with tainted homemade elderberry wine.

Photo credit: Andrea Ziegler and Jeynifer Tribbitt

Photo credit: Andrea Ziegler and Jeynifer Tribbitt

The result of the interplay of these exaggerated characters is a delightfully pleasant evening of laughter and enjoyable theater on the Super Summer Theater stage at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.

The action progresses like one of those old Keystone Cops visuals with people coming and going through the multiple doors of the beautiful old Victorian style home. Mortimer Brewster, the only sane one in the family, played by Cory Benway, discovers the horrid secret of his aunts and is powerless to convince them that killing the men is wrong. He is deterred from marrying his fiance Elaine Harper played by Tala Marie, because of the insanity which clearly runs in the family. Take heart thought, there will be a twist to resolve this particular calamity.

arsenic and Old lace 3
Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis

arsenic with teddy roo
Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis

Do you wonder how the two sweet ladies dispose of the bodies of their dozen victims? Check in with Teddy Brewster who buries the bodies in the Panama Canal he is constructing in the basement. Jeff Tribbitt is up to the challenge of giving us a totally wacky Roosevelt impersonation.

Of course it all ends fairly well considering.

Bring along a picnic dinner and a blanket to use in the general admission grass seating or rent a chair for a dollar. Hot dogs, snacks, and drinks are available at reasonable prices. The facility is just ten miles from the Vegas strip and ten degrees cooler as well.

super summer theater audience
Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis

super summer theater picnic
Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis

Arsenic and Old Lace has become best known through the film adaptation starring Cary Grant and directed by Frank Capra.

Arsenic and Old Lace runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings at 7 p.m. through September 20th. Go early and enjoy the setting. Tickets are $12.95.