By Dianne R. Davis
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Photo credit: Dianne or Burt Davis


Murray the “Celebrity Magician” Sawchuck celebrated his two year anniversary on April 27 at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino with a special Red Carpet event and show. How does a magician celebrate –with magic for all ages. The Red Carpet prior to the show included the usual array of celebrities, but this time many of the celebrities brought along their kids to see the performance by this alumni of American's Got Talent.

Murray delivered with a fast paced, enjoyable performance. Many of the tricks can be seen in multiple shows in Vegas, so it is the personality, dexterity, and delivery that sets Murray apart as one of the most entertaining entertainers.

He may be referred to as a magician, but make no mistake, the good ones have stage presence and personality. Murray is likable with his spiked blond hair and trademark bright blue suit. Ya gotta love a guy who starts his act by admitting that he resembles Phyllis Diller's love child. He tells the audience that he isn't gay, but his suit is. “I look like a Q-tip” he admits.

The act is enriched by the antics of Murray's stage janitor Doug “Lefty” Leferovich who turns out to be a slight of hand magician himself when Murray isn't looking. Then there is Murray's beautiful on stage assistant and off stage wife, Chloe Crawford, who took a little turn at some magic herself.

The very talented magician Mon Dre participated in the show as well with his slight of hand mastery. Murray also paid tribute to those who helped him along the way including comedian and Laugh Factory manager Harry Basil who received an appreciation plaque from Murray.

A special and heartwarming component of the day was the presence in the audience of Murray's parents John and Arlene Sawcuk who came in from their home in Canada. His dad's stroke prevented them from being at the opening two years ago, but this time they sat in the audience applauding the success of their only child, the talented Murray Sawchuck. Check out Murray's show at the Tropicana Sundays through Thursdays at 4 p.m.

Anthony Cools
Anthony Cools

Doug Lefty Leferovich
Douglas "Lefty" Leferovich

Doug Lefty Leferovich Murray Sawchuck Chloe Crawford
Douglas "Lefty" Leferovich, Murray Sawchuck and Chloe Louise Crawford

Jasmine Trias
Jasmine Trias

Jennifer Romas and mother
Jennifer Romas and her mother

Kyle Knight Mistie Knight
Kyle and Mistie Knight

Lydia Ansel Chris Phillips Zowie Bowie
Lydia Ansel and Chris Phillips

Marc Savard daughters
Marc Savard and his daughters

Michael Wheels Parisi
Michael "Wheels" Parisi

Mon Dre Pia Zadora 1
Mon Dre and Pia Zadora

murray harry
Harry Basil and Murray Sawchuck

Murray Sawchuck on stage-2
Murray Sawchuck on stage

Raja Jarrett
Jarrett and Raja

Robin McAuley Caarmine Shortino Paul Shortino
Robin McAuley with Paul and Carmen Shortino

Sal Richards Guy richards
Sal and Guy Richards

Tim Molyneux
Tim Molyneux