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By Dianne R. Davis
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Photo credit: Dianne or Burt Davis

MadMeat Art and Commercial Photography for Man and Beast Outrageous Art Exhibition Was Delightful

What would you expect when a company describes itself in this manner:

1) exceeding the limits of what is usual
not conventional
2) violent; unrestrained
3) going beyond all standards of what is right or decent
deficient in propriety or good taste

Minnie Madden and Chuck Rounds, the inspired collaborators behind MadMeat and commercial photography for man and beast invite you to experience their uncompromised vision...the realm of creativity that is MadMeat.
 On April 10, 2014, I had the priviledge of attending an exhibition of MadMeat Art and Commercial Photography for Man and Beast. They were celebrating six years of “exotic to erotic photographic art.”  

What I found was what I expected and what they had announced. Not for kids mind you. And some adults might find it over their lines. I enjoyed it. The photos of dolls in erotic positions, touching private areas, dressed in bondage outfits. It was erotic and irreverent.
MadMeat, some of the most delicious photographic visual crimes you’ll ever see, is the brain child of Founders, Minnie Madden and Chuck Rounds – both directors, producers and visual artists.“I love art,” says Minnie Madden, “and I adore outrage. Art needs to inspire and ignite!”

At the core of their philosophy is a heightened sense of unorthodox creativity and the theatrical, and an understanding that all art elicits – and provokes -- a reaction from the viewer.

“MADMEAT Photographs invoke very different responses from hilarity to repulsion,” says Minnie, “and we like that. It’s wonderful to be a bit disruptive.” MadMeat’s outrageous art has enjoyed showings for two years at the Arts Factory and the Erotic Heritage Museum.  Their uncompromised vision….the realm of outrageous creativity has garnered complaints and praise.  They take great pride in holding the record number of complaints at the Art Factory as well as the greatest number of raves.

MadMeat was often asked to move their work so that fewer children would be exposed to it.  “People love the art or hate the art, but I’m happy that it evokes a definite response,” says Chuck Rounds, “too many photos can be “fine,” I want something more than just “fine”.”
With its lively embrace of the visual arts, MADMEAT Photography offers a unique experience for a select few.

For more information about MadMeat Art and Commercial Photography for Man and Beast, visit the website, Twitter MadMeatArt. Facebook MadMeat.



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