By Dianne R. Davis
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Skye Dee Miles Lounge Show at Tropicana Is Backdrop For Fun

John Katsilometes haircutJohn Katsilometes had his head shaved by Holly Madison for the St. Baldrick's Foundation Charity.

John Katsilometes looks down on the entertainment scene in Vegas. At his height, that's easy. But the guy is a favorite and a friend to many in the industry that is so much a part of Sin City. He's also a guy with a big heart so prior to his birthday celebration he repeated his good deed of a year ago and again had his head shaved to raise money for the St. Baldrick’s Day head-shaving fundraiser.

That was early in the day on March 1. Then he was on to a formal event. But John's days don't end early and this one got revved up when he and his good friend and co worker Tricia McCrone arrived at his birthday celebration at the Tropicana.

Skye Dee Miles sings-2
Skye Dee Miles has a loyal following.

The room is known to some as the Tropicana Lounge, but to Skye Dee Miles and her friends, it is the “Boom Boom Room.” And it was booming as friends and fans of both Kats and Miles aka Skye Diva came by to celebrate his birthday during Skye's Lounge show.

John Katsilometes Robin Leach
Robin Leach came by to wish his friend and fellow Journalist  Happy Birthday.

Did I mention that he's a good guy. Well, the party was no surprise so the honoree requested that in lieu of gifts, friends make a donation to St. Baldricks Foundation. *

Johnathan Scott Linda Nicolette Lenny WindsorOn air personality Jonathan Scott, Linda Nicholette, and British comedian Lenny Windsor enjoyed the party.


Jeff Molitz Penny WigginsJeff Molitz and Penny Wiggins shared some good conversation

Reva Rice friend
VEGAS! The Show star Reva Rice and her friend Hugo Hernandaz heated up the dance floor

John Katsilometes Jerry jones Trish
Birthday boy John Katsilometes with his friends Jerry Jones and Tricia McCrone

Skye Dee Miles is a favorite in the industry. She can belt out a song with the best of them despite being in the neighborhood of five feet tall and not built like an anorexic model. When she puts out the call, her friends are there, taking the stage or the dance floor to party Vegas style.

Skye Dee Miles Getting Funky With John Katsilometes
Skye Dee Miles got a bit funky with the birthday boy

Reva Rice Savanah Smith
Reva Rice and Savannah Smith, lead singers in VEGAS! The Show each took the stage and sang

John Katsilometes group
Enjoying the party were Andy Walmsley, Khalilah Yasmin, guest of honor John Katsilometes, Lydia Ansel, Zowie Bowie, Clint Holmes, Tim Molyneux

Paul Shortino Zowie Bowie
Paul Shortino of Raiding The Rock Vault shared some fun with singer Zowie Bowie

It was one of those nights where folks who just stopped by randomly or thought it was going to be just another night with Skye were treated to a string of guest performers, the hoop de la of a birthday celebration, the chance to see a lot of top entertainers mix and mingle, and an all around good time. This is what Las Vegas is all about.

Tom Recine  John Katsilometes Tanya Popovich
Tom Recine and Tanya Popovich were glad to attend

Jason Cropp
Jason Cropp sang for the crowd of well wishers

Catch Skye Dee Miles aka Skye Diva at her free lounge show on Thursdays through Saturdays beginning at 9:30 p.m. You never know who will show up to party or take the stage for a number.

Jennifer Romas Murray Sawchuck Mark Bennick Lenny Windsor
Murray the Magician, his friend and fellow magician Mark Bennick, Jennifer Romas and Lenny Windsor had some good times.

*St. Baldrick’s Day head-shaving fundraiser at New York-New York’s Brooklyn Bridge is part of a citywide effort to raise funds and awareness for the organization that fights childhood cancer. According to Mr. Katsilometes aka Kats, “St. Baldrick’s was launched in 1999, and events were first organized at McMullan’s in 2007. The pub’s owners, Brian and Lynn McMullan, lost their 2-year-old daughter, Krya, to a brain tumor 17 years ago. “ Those about to be shaved collect donations for volunteering their time and their hair. Contributions can be made at any time, yes- including now, online at the St. Baldrick’s website.


Burt Davis Melody Sweets
Burt Davis and Melody Sweets

Anne Martinez Savanah Smith
Ann Martinez and Savannah Smith entertained

Dianne R Davis John Katsilometes
I always enjoy visiting with John

Harry Basil Skye Dee Miles
Harry Basil of the Laugh Factory stopped by to wish John the best

Jeff Molitz Penny Wiggins
Jeff Molitz and Penny Wiggins

John Katsilometes group
Enjoying the party were Andy Walmsley, Khalilah Yasmin, guest of honor John Katsilometes, Lydia Ansel, Zowie Bowie, Clint Holmes, Tim Molyneux

John Katsilometes Jennifer Romas
Jennifer Romas and John Katsilometes

John Katsilometes Jerry jones Trish
John Katsilometes, Jerry Jones, and Tanya Popoviich

John Katsilometes Skye Dee Miles dancers
Skye Dee Miles and her dancers entertained John

Louis Gazarra Brittany Nance Gazarra
Louis and Brittany Nance Gazzara

Murray Sawchuck Kelly Clinton Holmes Lenny Windsor
Murray the Magician, Kelly Clinton-Holmes, and Lenny Windsor

Mystic Mona
Mystic Mona was on hand

John Katsilometes Cake
What's a birthday without the cake!