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By Dianne R. Davis
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Photos by Dianne R. Davis or Burt Davis unless otherwise noted

Three Great Shows: Clint Holmes, Bobby Slayton, and Bronx Wanderers

Some returning shows are worth mentioning. Clint Holmes is back for his monthly show at the Cabaret Jazz Room at The Smith Center on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, April 5, 6, and 7. The Bronx Wanderers are returning to South Point on April 13 and 14.  Bobby Slayton, one of my favorite comics, will be at Brad Garrett's Comedy Club at MGM on April 12, 13, and 14,

Clint Holmes

Clint Holmes is a Las Vegas treasure. He is in the Cabaret Jazz Room at the The Smith Center the first weekend of each month and every month he puts on a different show. This month's show on april 5, 6, and 7 is the award-winning “This Thing Called Love: The Music of Cole Porter and Paul Simon.” The show is going to be the first live digital recording done in the wonderful Cabaret Jazz venue. Clint's special guests will be Fifth Avenue.

If you want entertainment at its finest, a man with a voice that he uses like a delicate instrument, then see his show. And I know once you do, you will want to return to see him again and again. He is that good.


The Bronx Wanderers take us back to the times when kids sang under the street lights. The sound is from the 50's and 60's the songs are familiar, and the enjoyment is there for you. Check in at the South Point Hotel and Casino on April 13 or 14 for a trip back to the good sounds of the past.

Bobby Slayton 023
Bobby Slayton is known as "The Pittbull of Comedy -- and with good reason

 Bobby Slayton brings on outrageous insult comedy and no one is safe from his barbs. White or black, Jewish or Christian, short of tall, you are fair game for him. If you are gay, look out, but then again, if you are straight, look out anyway. If you are sensitive, stay away, but if you want to laugh your f''n you know what off, then be sure to catch Bobby Slayton's show at Brad Garrett's Club at MGM.  He'll be there April 12, 13, and 14 shooting his barbs and making you fall off your seat with laughter.  You know you want to go and be his target, right?!

28th Annual Nightclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show About Drinks and Much More

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 19

So you  own, manage, work at or want to sell services or products to a nightclub.  Then the 28th annual Nightclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show was the place for you. Over 30,000 attendees visited the show at the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 19-23.

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 1

The convention is a combination of expo of all things related to the field and educational venue. Attendees could take courses ranging from mixology to insurance liability issues.

Since we weren't there to study the field in depth, look for nightclub accessories, or get information on insuring a nitespot, we could enjoy exploring the wide range of alcoholic beverages that exhibitors showcased as well as the variety of associated products and services.

There was a time when spirit manufacturers only produced basic booze.  One could choose between bourbon, gin, scotch, vodka or tequila. If you wanted your drink flavored—well that was what a bartender was for.  Now manufacturers -especially for vodka and tequila- are flavoring their beverages in a variety of ways.  You can even get booze that tastes like smoked bacon.

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 2Mama walker

I was draw to the Mama Walkers booth with their signs that read “maple bacon” and “blueberry pancake.” I met Julie Falkoff Brand Director for Mama Walkers, Pernod Richard USA. She told me that they had been seeking out new and interesting flavors and came up with these breakfast flavors. “Consumers are more adventurous now,” she said, “they want brands with personality. They wanted a sassy brand,” she said. She told me that the blueberry pancake is refreshing with lemonade.

Check out this recipe:

Mama’s Blueberry Pancakes

¾ part Mama Walker’s Blueberry Pancake

¾ part Hiram Walker Butterscotch Schnapps

Add ingredients to shaker and shake with ice. Strain into a chilled shot glass and serve.

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show marvi lee
Who would imagine that I would find a stand up comic at this confab? But there was Marvin Lee. His concept is to skip the middle man and go right to his potential employers.

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 2
The Honey Smoked Fish Company of Colorado offered samples to attendees.  And they're certified kosher too!  If you feed them, they will come.

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 16
There are all kinds of gimmicks to get the attendtion of those passing by.

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 17
Pabst gave us a chance to pitch the ball and dunk the ladies-- just like going to a carnival.

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 18
Uniforms galore

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 214

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show Joe 
Local performer Joe Lowers of The Joe Show" was on hand to talk about "The World Series of Karaoke"

Then there was the seventh annual Shake It Up! “Spirit of America” Cocktail Challenge. Francesco Lafranconi, Executive Director of Spirits & Mixology Education, Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada was the Emcee and the event was sponsored by the Nightclub & Bar Show and Southern Wine & Spirits of America.

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 15The judges included a panel of the nation's leading mixologists who judged the contestants by their aptitude and clever concoctions.

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show winnerDiane Silvey of Bellagio was the grand prize winner of $15,000.

Silvey's winning coctail was the “American Dream” and here's the recipe.

  • 1 oz. Larceny Bourbon

  • ½ oz. Patrón XO Café

  • 1 ½ oz. Pama Pomegranate Liqueur

  • 1/8 oz. Root Beer Syrup

  • 2 dashes Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters

Method: Chilled up in a cocktail coupe.
Garnish: orange rind star & orange zest

What better location for this meeting of the industry than Vegas. Attendees could purchase tickets for entrees to various clubs as well as pub crawls. Events like that are both educational and an opportunity for networking. A small nightclub owner from Atlanta sharing some new ideas with the owner of a large club in Memphis for instance. Or the karaoke machine salesperson one to one with a potential client.

For me as a reporter, it was another opportunity to learn a little about an industry that is essentail to my home community of Las Vegas. And I hope as you read this, your reaction is, “I'll drink to that.” 

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 11

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 9 Rhode Island Novelty?  Sure, you need Hawaiian Leis and July 4th decorations, etc for your business, don't you. 

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 10 Speaks for itself:  Sin City Cupcakes - Vegas' First alchhol Infused Cupcake Truck!

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 8 The World Famous Crazy Horse Gentlemens' Club was handing out shirts and smiles, and a little liquid refreshment.

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 7 Sunset Thomas was there to promote the world famous Chicken Ranch located in Pahrump.  She always had a big hello for my spouse Burt.

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 6

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club sent representatives to the show.

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 5


NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 4

NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 3


NIghtclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show 2 2


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