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By Dianne R. Davis
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Photos by Dianne R. Davis or Burt Davis unless otherwise noted

The AEE, the Adult Entertainment Expo, once again brought well endowed women (some real, some store bought) to Las Vegas to sign autographs and chat with their fans. Yes, there were some guys there too, but frankly, it's the women who are the stars of the Expo as well as the many movies in which they play stand out roles. These are the women who appear in the all together in their flicks.

But make no mistake, this is a legitimate tax paying industry that carefully follows the rules and happily brings pleasure to millions of viewers and brings millions of dollars to pleasure the industry's icons and businesspeople. And thankfully, the AEE brings a lot of dollars to the Las Vegas economy.

I've been visiting this expo for years now. In fact, I get a big smiling hello from many of the stars and trade people who recognize me from past years. Not that I'm so special, but how many gray haired female reporters do they see there every year.

 Dianne R Davis and James Deen

This year I met James Deen, a young man who looks like someone you'd elect to be prom king. But this guy is king of the AVN castle. Just three days later he would be named Male Performer of the Year at the AVN Awards. (The honor is his second Performer of the Year award from AVN Media Network and fifth in 2013 (XBIZ, XCritic,, Orgazmik). Deen also received an AVN awards for Crossover Star of the Year and another for a category I won't repeat on a kid friendly web site.)

Deen told me that he started in the business in March of 2004. He said he loves the, “freedom of expression and the fun.” I did ask him to describe his instrument and he said he is “medium size.”

He went on to say that he loves, “being able to have the opportunity to show my truest desires to the world.” “What's the downside?” I asked. Without a moment's hesitation, he replied, “ There isn't any downside.

Okay, so the gray haired grandmother asked what his mother has to say about his chosen profession. “My mom first though I was joking,” he told me. “Once she was convinced that it was safe, she supported me.”

Deen sold a lot of items with his name and face and was busy chatting with fans whenever I went by his booth. Good thing I got there early!


In the midst of all the women and sexually related items, I came upon the Electronic Merchant System. Okay, I asked, What's this all about? Tim Shank explained that his business helps with credit card processing in the industry. Good reminder that as I said before, it's an industry like many others, but also with significant differences in product and service.

Burt Davis and Madison Ivey
Madison Ivey was pleased to explain that she makes her own outfits. Cute!


I stopped to visit the Dildo of the Day booth which I reported on last year. Adam told me that business has been growing fast. Last year he said they were getting 2,000-3,000 hits a day. This year, they haven't had a day below 10,000 hits. He said their biggest sellers are the “broken box specials” with perfect products but damaged packaging. They also move a lot of items that are last year's models as they buy out the inventory as newer models appear.

Ed Powers  and Dianne Davis
Ed Powers and Dianne Davis

So there's this middle aged not handsome guy by the name of Ed Powers who captured my attention. Turns out he stars in many of these flicks. He told me that he has had relations with 4,000 young women – all over 18 of course. That's the number of on camera liaisons. Off camera, he said, the number is much higher. Dirty old men can make a good living in this industry too. I admit that he was quite personable. Ed said he was in his late 30's when he started and is now 58. More power to him and I'll have to check him out.

 AEE cucci

At the trade show booths we discovered Cucci condoms and aphrodisiac infused lip glosses and breath mists. The Booty Parlor people said they want to “give women sexy self confidence.


AEE 5 

Okay, now this was a unique one. The Wake Up Vibe. You literally set the alarm and put it in your pants to wake you with a smile and good sensation. What they won't think of next.

Hott Chocolates

Hott Chocolates are aphrodisiac infused chocolates. I figured I best not taste them then and there, but rather take some home for sampling at the right time.

So, from hot women to hot chocolates, the AEE has it all. And while the women don't show it all there, they seem to delight the visitors that fill the halls of the Adult Entertainment Expo.

Here's a few more photos just to show you what it's all about:


AEE 3 

Local establishments such as the Larry Flynt's Huster club were represented.  

AEE 4 


Battery operated gloves - waterproof no less! - from Fukuoku.

This chair offers unique positiong options for couples.

AEE bdd 1
Burt is such a good sport.

AEE signing 12
Signing, signing, signing

Burt Davis and Sunset Thomas
Always a pleasure to say hi to our friend Sunset Thomas

Nikki Ferrari and Tabitha Stevens
Nikki Ferrari and Tabitha Stevens

Tabitha Stevens and  Jesse Jane
Tabitha Stevens and Jesse Jane



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