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By Dianne R. Davis
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Photos by Dianne R. Davis or Burt Davis unless otherwise noted

International CES Brings New Innovations

We expect it at the AEE, the Adult Entertainment Expo, but who would have thought that 9,000 lucky International CES attendees would receive free vibrators from Trojan. No kidding. What better place than Sin City for a respected company to offer consumers battery operated devices to enhance their life experiences.

ces trojans
According to Nyla Saleh, Trojan is about mainstreaming these products, “taking the pleasure out of the bedroom.”

They've already given away more than 25,000 of them in New York, Washington, Chicago and Boston. They can now be found in local mass retailers. “We're all about accessibility..” Nyla said. I wondered what kind of reaction they'd gotten. I was told that the most often repeated reaction was something on the order of, “My wife is going to be so excited when I get home with this.” Hey, I got a sample too and I was pretty excited.

ces we vibe

And right down the row from Trojan I found the We-Vibe, a product that appeared on the market in 2008. Sexology Relations Coordinator Tristan Weedmark told me that they now have more than 2 million customers. This is the new CES.

The 2013 International CES which took place last week in Las Vegas is now history. This was the largest in the show's 45 plus year history with 1.92 million net square feet of exhibit space. But let's leave the rest of the impressive statistics to the techies. I'm a senior citizen who felt like a dinosaur visiting another century. Honestly, I appreciated a lot more than I understood.

That having been said - Wow. Technology in this century is creating a whole new world. The CES experience also includes side shows such as CES Unveiled and Showstoppers.

ces Brush Buddies
Something for everyone

Pepcom's Digital Experience, an evening event, boasted more than 190 exhibitors including innovative and start up products. Some are simply prototypes due to hit the markets in the coming months. Others are on the market now. Press were able to get up close and more personal without the shoulder to shoulder CES crowds. Products there ran the gamut from major retailers such as Walmart to start-ups.

pepcom tylt

Imagine, more than 3250 exhibitors unveiling some 20,000 new products.The good news for Las Vegas is that all those exhibitors bring wealth into our community along with innovation into our world.

ces cars

As expected, you could see the latest in televisions, and blasting speakers for high priced cars. If you want music, the sound is better, the accessibility is advanced, and the choices seem limitless. But there's so much more. The quality of 3D television is amazing.

ces headphones
Sparkling headphones

ces speck
Phone covers abounded.

I was impressed with the new technology in the health arena. Small devices to help us monitor our own bodies as we work out or go about our daily routines.

ces bagsBags, bags, bags. Bags for computers, ipads, Kindles, and even for “stuff”

ces phone covers
Holders for phones and other devices. Chargers for the car and home.

ces attention


ces attention 2


ces attention 3

Anything to get your attention

-- The 2013 CES was a star-studded event with celebrity guests from musical icons, Hollywood stars and TV personalities promoting the latest technologies The list included former President Bill Clinton, actor Danny DiVito, Snookie from Jersey Shore. Luckily, Honey Boo Boo stayed home. Guess she's not into electronics yet. Or do they even have electricity!

Actress Felicia Day served as the Ambassador for the Entertainment Matters Musical performances by Adam Levine and two members of multi-platinum, three-time Grammy Award winning band, Maroon 5, during Qualcomm’s preshow keynote and the Alicia Keys concert at the Monster Awards were two highlights amongst dozens of celebrity appearances.

lorena peril
Vegas performers showed their stuff as well. Lorena Peril, star of Fantasy at the Luxor brought along a few scantily clad ladies
from the show to catch the attention of those passing by the Supertooth booth.

Frankie Moreno and brother Tony Moreno

Vegas's newest superstar Frankie Marino (Stratosphere) brought fans into the Gibson booth.

Rick Harrison and Chumlee
As an added plus, Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison and Chumlee greeted fans at the Gibson tent. 




ces jellyfish


ces track pet


Bottom line: They came -- 156,000 attendees including 35,000 foreign visitors from more than 170 countries. They saw – 3250 exhibitors and 20,000 new products. They conquered – The new technology. See you next year at the 2014 International CES from January 7-10, 2014.





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