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By Dianne R. Davis
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Photos by Dianne R. Davis or Burt Davis unless otherwise noted

What do rapper-turned actor Ice-T and Vegas audiences have in common? They both love Coco. Evidence the cheers and applause at her opening performance on December 17 in Peepshow, the hit show playing in the Theater in Planet Hollywood.

The reality star has the experience and the assets to fill the role, as well as a costume with a larger upper section than her predecessor Holly Madison who left the show to begin her new career as a mother.

Nicole “Coco” Austin does not come to the show unprepared. She is after all a reality star with experience as a glamour/fitness model, actress, and entrepreneur. Even more important is her background as a dancer which she utilized in the Peepshow ensemble numbers as she stood center stage leading the other ladies in some hot and steamy dance numbers.

Coco is known for teaching women how to be fit, sexy and self confident.  She shows it all in the role of Bo Peep and while you won't get to see all of her, yes, the top comes off a few times during the show.  And there's not a lot covering the rest of her curvaceous  body either.

Holly Madison and Kelly Monoco each brought their own interpretations to the role of Bo Peep, the modern woman seeking love in fantasy land. While Coco's contribution was not lacking, I believe that as her comfort level with the production grows, she will blossom forth interjecting even more of her own style into the tale.

The fact remains that Peepshow brings superior production values to the stage. The costuming is creative and the cast members are excellent. The plot line is thin, but so what. Other attributes on stage make up for it.

Cheaza Figueroa as Peep Diva is a strong component of the show carrying the action along as she guides Bo Peep on her search. Josh Stickland has always been a favorite of mine and continues to contribute his enormous talent as the male lead with numerous songs.

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not me. He's hot and sexy and talented as he dances around Bo Peep and her generous booty. The scantily and sometimes topless ladies of the show appear in various personas including the ever popular naughty school girl garb, the three little pigs, and red riding hood. Their dip into the milk is, well, you've really got to see it for yourself. And they bring whole new interpretation to riding the saddle.

Peepshow is sexy, sultry, provocative, and just plain fun. I've seen it several times and can attest to the fact that under the direction of Tony award-winning director/choreographer Jerry Mitchell, it has only gotten better. If you saw it and enjoyed it, go see it again. If you haven't seen it and want to have some fun watching a racy romp, then check out Coco and Peepshow.

 Peepshow Jerry et al
Tony award-winning director/choreographer Jerry Mitchell with the Peepshow cast
Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis


Peepshow Coco Austin pouring champage
Pouring champagne
Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis


Peepshow Josh Strickland Coco Austin
Josh Strickland and Nicole 'Coco' Austin
Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis


Peepshow Josh Strickland Coco Austin Cheaza
Josh Strickland, Nicole 'Coco Austin and Cheaza Figueroa
Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis


Peepshow Coco Austin her dogs
Nicole 'Coco Austin and her dogs
Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis

PeepShow 0551
Nicole 'Coco Austin performing
Photo credit: Issac Brekken/WireImage

PeepShow 0601
Josh Strickland and Nicole 'Coco Austin performing
Photo credit: Issac Brekken/WireImage

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