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By Dianne R. Davis
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Photos by Dianne R. Davis or Burt Davis unless otherwise noted

If Anthony Cools puts his name on something, then I want to see it. Strip Comedy? Hmmm. The Palms isn't exactly on the strip, so what could this mean? It is Las Vegas, but how does stripping fit with Improv comedy?

Well, I can tell you now. It's over the line, no boundaries humor with profanity, improbable situations and ultimately lots of laughter. Comedy Hypnotist Anthony Cools who is also known as an innovative producer brings this new improv show with a Vegas twist to Vegas audiences.

This is one of those new-every-time productions. If you've ever been to an improv show, you know that the audience plays a major role in the interactive comedy. The twist here is that the players are divided into two teams, each with a lovely scantily clad lady.


Host Kopy Kopatich
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn
The Black Team
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn
The Red Team
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

The teams compete for the approval of the audience. As the evening progresses and the teams win approval for their pieces, their woman remove their few articles of clothing one at a time. Ergo,the name – strip comedy.

The well dressed usher who showed us to our seats at a recent show turned out to be host Kopy Kopatich who is the creator and the host of the evening's fun. He's a likeable thiryish fellow in a sport jacket.

As I waited for the show to begin, being the social butterfly that I am, I began chatting with the people behind me. Showtime arrived and the fellow got up and went onstage. Turns out he was on one of the “teams”. Pretty much before anything else was said, the folks on stage began sharing profanity with the audience. Just the words. Then they explained that if we were offended, this might not be the show for us.

And so it began. Two teams acting out situations with components suggested by audience members. Movie phrases, items you see every day, things you find in your home.... the audience called them out and the “teams” included them in their improv skits.

Host Kopy Kopatich with audience volunteer
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn


Example, a game called “If you know what I mean.” had two players discussing these things but adding that phrase, “if you know what I mean” which made everything sound dirty.

It's improv, it has a twist, or rather it has strip, and it's fun. You can visit Strip Comedy at 8 p.m. at the Palms Loungefrom Wednesdays to Sundays.

Host Kopy Kopatich with the cast
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

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