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By Dianne R. Davis
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Photos by Dianne R. Davis or Burt Davis

It is often fun being a Las Vegas reporter and I do get invitations to some cool events (and some not so cool.) In the last eight or so years I've had many new experiences in the course of my work. And some surprises.

So there I was, at the Double Down Saloon ( just south of the Hard Rock Hotel), around ten o'clock at night. It was clear even before I entered that my husband Burt and I might be the only ones there that did not sport tattoos.... multiple tattoos at that.

The parking lot was full, but luckily someone pulled out. This was not a neighborhood where I wanted to walk a block at this hour. So in we went. It was dark, it was smokey, and it was filled with tattoos and less then main stream outfits on the patrons.

It wasn't hard to locate the PR people. They were dressed in business casual. They stuck out. They were the exceptions. They introduced me to P. Moss, the author of “Vegas Knockout, a novel in stories.” The literature said that, "Longtime Las Vegan P Moss searches for the soul of a city built on vice in his new novel-in-stories VEGAS KNOCKOUT (CityLife Books, September 6, 2012, $14.95).  In the follow-up to his popular 2010 book BLUE VEGAS, Moss explores the most existential questions of the neon oasis and its inheritantly dark, wild and uproarious nature. The invitation said, “book signing –freak show – music”

P Moss was kind enough to sign my book.
And yes, there was music.  And yes, in case you are wondering – there was a freak show.

p moss double down

Apparently I was too late to hear the Portland-based aggressive indie rock bank Attack Ships On Fire play the book's soundtrack. Such is life.

P moss girl on stage
Then there was Jenn O. Cide who was dressed in -- well, see for yourself.

And Miss Firefly who stands 27 inches tall, and has a kind of Mohawk hairdo, and
swallowed a balloon. At least it looked like she did.

Now as for the book reading by the author. The flyer said it would be a “one-of-a kind reading.”


Moss ripped out some pages, stapled them to Jenn O. Cide.  Yes, I said he stapled them to her.  Then, he read the pages which were attached to her. Ooops, page missing! He ripped it out of the book and stapled it to her forehead! Please note, I don't use exclamation points very often, but come on, this definitely calls for one. Was it a trick? Don't think so. I offered her a napkin to wipe the blood which was dripping down her forehead toward her eye after the page was removed. She declined the offer.

Both the book and the album are available on Amazon and from major local retailers. For more information about Moss’ books, visit

Here's a little more info on Moss:

P Moss is a longtime Las Vegan whose short fiction has appeared in several anthologies, including The Perpetual Engine of Hope and Dead Neon: Tales of Near-Future Las Vegas. He is a musician and songwriter whose band Bloodcocks UK recently concluded two sold out tours in Japan. A prominent name in the nightlife world, he owns the popular Double Down Saloons in Las Vegas and New York City, and Frankie’s Tiki Room in Las Vegas.

Moss is a collector of rare film noir and an avid booster of the Scunthorpe United Football Club. His first book, BLUE VEGAS was released in 2010. For more information about Moss, visit his website at Or you can follow P Moss on Twitter @pMoss_vegas or you can even like on Facebook

I have since read a few excerpts from the book, Vegas Knockout. He's a pretty good writer and what I read held my attention. Go figure.

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