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By Dianne R. Davis
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Jubilee is a Celebration of Dazzling Old Las Vegas

Jubilee at Bally's is a celebration of old Las Vegas. Elaborate costumes, huge impressive sets, bold colors, beautiful showgirls, incredible headpieces, classic song and dance numbers. This is the last spectacular traditional show left in town.

When it opened in 1981, over $3.5 million dollars were spend on the more than 1,000 unique costumes designed by Pete Menefee and Bob Mackie. The plumes, the feathers, the glitter speak of the glamour of old Las Vegas. Now, close to 100 performers wear more than 2,000 costumes.


The stage is half the size of a football field measuring 15 stories from the basement to the roof.

See the spectacle of Sampson and the raven haired Delilah surrounded by scantily clad women – and men – and watch as five pounds of explosives are used in every show to bring the walls tumbling down.

Board the Titanic along with its well dressed passengers and visit the exquisite Victorian ballroom filled with beautifully dressed high society. The room and costumes were reproduced from authentic photographs. Lament the explosion in the boiler room as you watch more than 3,000 gallons of recycled water cascade across the set as the exact miniature replica of the original luxury liner Titanic hits the iceberg and finally sinks.

Yes, many of the women are topless. Hey, it's Vegas, tourists want to see something they don't see at home. Truth be told, it appears that the women were not chosen for voluptuous mammary assets. No raunchy strips or bump and grind gyrations. This is a class act with natural resources. The men are clean cut. No tattoos in this show. And bless them, they don't play the music at a deafening pitch!

Honestly, the costumes are the stars of the show. The hundreds of thousands of rhinestones used in the designs caused a worldwide rhinestone shortage when the show was originally created. Such beauty! You have to wonder how the women manage to walk gracefully down the steps with such class wearing the dazzling headpieces. And how often do you have the chance to see men in tux and tails and high hats.


The choreography and production numbers are reminiscent of the Busby Berkeley-era Hollywood extravaganzas. The chorus line high kicks are fabulous. Remember “With A Song In My Heart” or “I Hear Music When I Look at You”. Do you smile at the mention of “A Pretty Girl is Just Like a Melody.” Or “In The Still of the Night.” How about “When You Begin the Beguine”

The show includes one balancing act and one aerial number, each in front of the curtain to allow the set changes. But no gauchos, no animal acts, no magic. This is old Vegas, the only show of its kind left and it is a must see if you remember the old Vegas and its a must see if you never knew the old Vegas. If you saw it years ago, go see it again. I had forgotten how good it was!

The sparkling and dazzling Jubilee plays nightly at 7:30 and 10:30 except Fridays. The 7:30 performance on Saturday allows folks under 18 admittance and uses pasties Prices begin at $57.50. Call Ballys at 739-4111 or visit

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