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By Dianne R. Davis
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Photos by  Dianne Davis or Burt Davis unless otherwise noted

Louie Anderson LIVE is at The Plaza

Louie Anderson is back in Las Vegas. The Emmy award winning comedian and author's residency downtown at the Plaza gives fans the chance to once again hear tales of Louie's version of his childhood. Louie's squeaky clean act includes stories about his mother the hoarder and a dad who was abusive.

Louie Anderson 25005
Louie Anderson
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

The comedian's growing up years in Minnesota in low cost housing with ten siblings have given him plenty of material. Add to that his stint on the TV show Splash and his on-going battle of the bulge and he has more than enough stories for us.

Some comedians fire off jokes every few seconds. Louie spins tales bringing you along to the inevitable punchlines that keep you laughing and loving him. He is a story teller weaving his account of his life into vignettes that the audience can relate to. He tells us about his mother snatching the butter and sugar from the table on those rare occasions when the large brood ate out.

Louie adds to this background his recent experience as a high diver on the recent television show Splash and his quest for a healthy life style. Pretty much anything is food for thought from Louie's perspective. And as you look at him you know that he thought about food a lot.

There is something endearing about Louie. Maybe it is the Mid Western twang in his voice or perhaps that we know this man is fighting the battle of the bulge. We relate to him. He doesn't come across as some lofty rich guy. Louie is one of us. A regular guy in this irregular world of ours.

Louie Anderson 25008
Louie Anderson
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

He is an overweight guy going to the gym and fighting for his health. He tells us how his mom asked for extra butter and the waiter responded, “ Let us seat you first.” That's about his life. He describes his mother as a pusher – a food pusher.

Louie looks off into space with that innocent little boy look. It seems like Louie is looking at his past, his life before we had the word dysfunctional in our vocabulary. Louie tells us that, “I was a cute fat baby.” We believe him. We identify with him. Louie is one of us.

Then there is Louie talking about life today for senior citizens. “When I was 26 I could pee from the bed to the toilet.” he tells us. Fill in your own ending for how things are now. You know what he said. Opening jars – forget it. Every senior identifies with Louie's observations about this end of adulthood.

“I'm on a food plan that delivers,” he says. “yeah, I'm up to next Wednesday.” It doesn't have to be Wednesday for you to see and enjoy Louie Anderson. You can catch his act at the Plaza Wednesdays through Sundays at 7 PM.

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